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The perfect storm of regulation, recession and empowered consumers has created a wave of change in Banking after nearly two decades of status quo. No longer can we rely on products alone to gain and secure loyal customers.  At Merkle, we believe the customer is at the heart of any successful bank. Competitive advantage now lies in a bank’s ability to understand, engage, track, measure and influence individual consumers, at mass scale, driving growth and profit in the customer portfolio. Together with innovative banking institutions, Merkle is leading the way in taking on this challenging opportunity.  We’re ready to partner with you to chart your path to customer centric marketing and bring the strategy to life through insight- driven, multi-channel customer engagement.

Because banks have access to such a depth and breadth of data from direct relationships with their clients, the Banking industry has the ability to realize the true goals of customer relationship marketing (CRM)…something that has previously been only an aspiration!

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Merkle and our clients create collaborative platforms, setting ambitious goals and driving innovation that creates competitive advantage. Our partnerships take shape with clients that embrace insight, measurement and accountability, and where managed change is the constant. Our strategically-led and analytically-informed engagements range from regional banks to the largest nationals.

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Merkle has assembled a team of industry experts with unparalleled experience in financial services marketing and analytics, all with one overriding trait in common: The team didn’t join Merkle because of what we do – they joined the team because of why we do it. We share the foundational belief that companies are about customers first.

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