The travel industry is becoming more customer centric with many companies launching initiatives aimed at improving the overall customer experience. More mature customer engagement strategies are producing tactics like loyalty programs and powerful technology platforms with real-time decisioning, ultimately optimizing the brand and activating the customer.

Merkle’s customer-centric approach, harnesses the proliferation of online and offline data to make informed decisions on channel spend and experience creation. Our solutions are customized to our clients’ unique challenges—never one size fits all. Clients rely on us to grow their businesses through:

  • Enterprise segmentation to unlock customer value and better manage multi-channel strategies
  • Advanced analytics and attribution of online and offline data
  • Unique data solutions and enhancements through our proprietary DataSource file
  • Digital solutions and thought leadership including mobile, social, and online display services
  • SEM and SEO solutions
  • Technology platform solutions incorporating connected recognition of offline, online, and anonymous data and insight modules

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Our Solutions

Customer Growth Through Segmentation

In a price-driven marketplace like the travel industry, competitive advantage comes by improving loyalty-building brand experiences across offline and online channels. We do that by:

  • Determining who your customers are and what they care about.
  • Equipping marketers with better information through core attribution, measurement, and forecasting functions.
  • Engaging customers with value-adding experiences that extend their relationship and lifetime value.

Technology Platform Optimization

A disjointed tech stack misses opportunities to use insights across different channels and media, causing performance to suffer. To optimize technology platforms, we:

  • Develop a technology vision and roadmap by prioritizing capabilities based on business impact and ROI.
  • Use advanced identity management to better understand both known anonymous individuals.
  • Enable real-time optimization and personalization of marketing messages across channels and media.

Learn more about Merkle’s Travel Data Management Cloud, our next-generation database solution designed to meet the needs of modern travel marketers

Digital Attribution and Strategy

With digital spending increasing, marketers are challenged with linking the vast amount of data generated to create specific, customer-centric solutions that optimize spend. To do so, we:

  • Identify and target customers by connecting online and offline data.
  • Increase customer loyalty by launching digital campaigns with the right message for the right audience.
  • Integrate marketing activities in your CRM database for future campaigns.

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