Mar 2015

2015 Marketing Imperatives Webinar

Merkle and guest Deanna Laufer, from Forrester Research delivered a complimentary webinar focused on the 2015 Marketing Imperatives – Mastering the Addressable Customer Experience.

Mar 2015

Addressable Customer Experiences for B2B

The B2B sales model has been replaced. With digital platforms like LinkedIn and sophisticated CRM programs, you are selling to individuals with specific behaviors and priorities. It’s a B2P world – business to people.

This webinar series will show you exactly how to build a B2P lead generation program using addressable customer experiences, putting data and technology at the center of a personalized, highly effective approach. 

Feb 2015

It’s 2015: Time to Finally Fix Your Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems for the web and other digital properties have been around for nearly 20 years. But as marketing has evolved and demanded more of our systems, it seems like we enter each year with more and more content management challenges.

Jan 2015

Travel Acquisition & Customer Retention

Start the year strong!  Listen in as we discuss 7 ideas and tactics that will help boost online customer acquisition and retention and improve visibility throughout the travel research process.

Jan 2015

Addressable Customer Experience On-Demand Webinar Series

This four-part on-demand webinar series, which is geared toward travel, media and entertainment marketers, discusses the importance of delivering addressable customer experiences and best practices for executing on this strategy. These webinars will be released through January and February.

Dec 2014

Addressable Customer Experience On-Demand Series

This four-part on-demand webinar series for financial services and insurance marketers discusses the importance of delivering addressable customer experiences and best practices for executing on this strategy. These webinars will be released weekly through December.

Oct 2014

Performance and Versatility: Doing Responsive Design Right

Every day, the number of operating systems, screen sizes, and device types your web site needs to support continues to grow. In theory, one adaptive, efficient, responsive web site that could support all of those target platforms makes sense and can deliver the performance your users require.  Join us as we discuss the best practices to ensure that you are getting the most out of your responsive web site!

Oct 2014

Think Global, Act Local. Strategies for Multinational CRM Success

Merkle, AdAge|BtoB Magazine and our featured speaker from SiriusDecisions presented a fantastic webinar focused on the importance of data for multinational marketers.

Sep 2014

Google Shopping Campaigns 'Post Migration'

RKG | A Merkle Company, Google and Venus Swimwear hosted a webinar addressing best practices and results seen after they implement a Google Shopping Campaigns migration.

Sep 2014

10 Ways To Personalize The Holidays

As a retailer, what sets you apart from your competitors? It is the relationship you have with your customers. During this holiday season, it’s not just price that will separate winners from losers. Instead, retailers who can deliver relevant and personalized conversations with their customers — at scale — will realize the true advantage.

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