Feb 2016

Creating Personalized Financial Advisor Experiences

We know how difficult it is to get the attention of financial advisors in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace. The explosion of digital communication channels—which was supposed to make things easier—has made breaking through even more challenging. Getting them to engage requires repeated compelling experiences over time. 

Feb 2016

People-Based Search; Moving from Keyword Visibility to Customer Connectivity in Search

The best approaches for PPC & SEO don’t always remain the same. But one thing remains constant: focusing on your customers’ needs is the key to success.

Feb 2016

Create Loyalty with Real-Time Personalization

Your customers know what they want—do you? It’s no secret that customers now expect to feel like your brand personally knows them. According to a recent study by Gartner, 89% of CMOs expect their brand’s customer experience to differentiate them from their competition. Using real-time data and customer understanding through your loyalty program, you’re able to deliver an experience tailored to each member. This is becoming paramount to create unique and satisfying customer experiences that drive results.

Jan 2016

How Advanced Analytics Can Optimize Loyalty Program Results

Join us on Thursday, January 28 at 2 PM ET for the webinar “How Advanced Analytics Can Optimize Loyalty Program Results” presented by Arif Damji, Sr. Director of Strategy & Development at 500friends, a Merkle Company, and Christopher Matz, VP Analytics, Retail & Consumer Goods at Merkle.

Jan 2016

Activating the Connected Traveler

Our three-part on-demand webinar series, “Activating the Connected Traveler,” will equip you to respond to and even predict your customers’ digital actions in real time. You’ll walk away with a plan for implementing cutting-edge strategies like micro-targeting, personalization, real-time tagging, connecting online and offline data, and customer journey modeling.

Dec 2015

Merkle & Facebook: Enabling People Based Marketing at Scale

With more than 25% of mobile time spent on Facebook and Instagram in the US, Facebook is a powerful marketing platform to reach customers with personalized messages across any device. This webinar provided an overview of how Merkle can help you leverage your offline data to reach your customers across devices using Facebook’s different advertising formats.

Dec 2015

Donor-Centric Fundraising: Challenges, Opportunities & Digital Integration

Performance Fundraising tackles the biggest challenges facing nonprofits today: growth and integration. This on-demand webinar series defines the three nonprofit market trends that underlie those challenges: 1) Direct mail fundraising (the largest revenue source for many programs) performance is declining; 2) a proliferation of fundraising channels and programs to expand audience footprint and revenue diversification/expansion; 3) a shift in consumer (donor) behavior online (digital, mobile and social). 

Dec 2015

The China Opportunity: Connecting with Chinese Consumers on Baidu, China's Largest Digital Platform

View our on-demand webinar with Baidu (China's largest digital platform) to better understand the opportunity that the digital landscape in China presents.

Nov 2015

What the Affordable Care Act has Taught us as Health Marketers

Thought leaders from Adobe and Merkle discuss how having a data-driven, technology-enabled approach offers ways for health insurance marketers to gain share of market going forward.

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