Sep 2015

Data-Driven Fundraising Strategy for Nonprofit

The nonprofits that are winning the fundraising game are doing so by integrating their marketing across channels and programs, driving value and a better constituent experience. Analytics and insights-driven strategy – using data to make better decisions about marketing – are fundamental to their efforts.

Jul 2015

Going Beyond Just Points: How Your Loyalty Program Can Drive Actionable Insights

Please join us for an on-demand three-part webinar series as we discuss how to leverage loyalty program data in customer identification, personalization, and acquisition.  

Jul 2015

The New Era of Mobile Advertising - Insights and Strategies for Staying Ahead of the Competition

This webinar will discuss how to drive results in a smartphone dominant world. Join Yahoo and Merkle | RKG as they discuss this new era of mobile advertising.

Jun 2015

SEO for Enterprise Brands

This webinar will focus on cutting edge trends in SEO, along with how to further your SEO agenda to build a better customer experience on the search engines for your brand.

May 2015

The Business of Privacy

Are your privacy practices putting you at risk? Listen to the on-demand version of this webinar as we discuss the current challenges, and provide best practices, that marketing organizations should consider in their information security policies as they utilize both 1st and 3rd party data to drive their customer-centric strategies.

Apr 2015

Personalized Health Marketing

Our on-demand webinar series is designed to discuss the importance of delivering personalized customer experiences and best practices for executing on this strategy. This four-part series will not only be educational, but include actionable information so that you can begin enacting your own personalized campaigns.

Apr 2015

Google's Mobile Algorithm Changes & SEO Impact

Google is updating their mobile algorithm to include "mobile friendliness" as a ranking factor in mobile search results.  How will this affect you? Are you prepared?

Mar 2015

2015 Marketing Imperatives Webinar

Merkle and guest Deanna Laufer, from Forrester Research delivered a complimentary webinar focused on the 2015 Marketing Imperatives – Mastering the Addressable Customer Experience.

Mar 2015

Addressable Customer Experiences for B2B

The B2B sales model has been replaced. With digital platforms like LinkedIn and sophisticated CRM programs, you are selling to individuals with specific behaviors and priorities. It’s a B2P world — business to people. This webinar series will show you exactly how to build a B2P lead generation program using addressable customer experiences, putting data and technology at the center of a personalized, highly effective approach. 

Feb 2015

It's 2015: Time to Finally Fix Your Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems for the web and other digital properties have been around for nearly 20 years. But as marketing has evolved and demanded more of our systems, it seems like we enter each year with more and more content management challenges.

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