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With a management team comprised of heavy-hitters from a plethora of CRM-related backgrounds – across industries and disciplines – we have a passion for thought leadership and innovation. We periodically publish papers, author articles, participate in speaking engagements and partake in independent research studies. Check out our latest thinking!

Today, there are three macro trends that are changing the marketing landscape: the digitization of media and channels; the proliferation of social media networks at scale; and the ability for consumers to access media anytime, anywhere. Marketers are responding with data-driven, digital customer strategies and a collective business model transformation.

With the widespread adoption of addressable audience platforms, it’s easier to reach customers than it ever has been. It is now possible to directly address ideal customers in the mid-funnel and deliver a personalized experience seamlessly across channels, driving next-level performance and stronger customer relationships. But the road there is challenging. The Marketing Imperatives outline what an organization must do to ensure that their customer experiences are effective, meaningful, and seamless.

Merkle is committed to achieving outstanding results for our clients. In doing so, we often find ourselves ahead of the curve – pioneering approaches to Connected CRM. As thought leaders in this space, it’s important for us to share our knowledge of subjects like data, analytics, technology and creative with papers that inform and inspire. 

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Don’t take our word for it. Check out this sampling of case studies of prominent brands, with examples of how Merkle is helping clients take CRM principles in customer centricity, analytic insights, technology and creative – and turn them into true Integrated Customer Marketing (ICM)™ success.

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Thought leadership is not something that happens on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, but rather continuously.  Merkle has several blogs which we update regularly.  Take a look and see which blog you want to follow.

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Merkle thought leaders often work with respected industry publications to author feature articles about topics that are important to strategic marketers seeking cutting-edge information on best CRM practices.

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For quick monthly updates on what’s happening at Merkle and around the industry, check in with either the Customer Strategist or Donor Strategist (Nonprofit). You’ll hear about recent news, events, get a pulse on industry thinking and get to know our people and our valued clients.

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Organizations must deal with an ever-changing landscape while simultaneously activating their brands and engaging customers for the long haul. They utilize customer insights to deliver the brand experiences that their target customers desire, in hopes of creating competitive differentiation. This is the approach that enables successful Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM).

The Rise of the Platform Marketer guides you through the nine core competencies of this new breed of marketing professional, exploring  the skills you will need to create exceptional experiences for your customers, build sustainable competitive advantage for your organization, and ensure professional relevance for your career.

The Merkle Digital Marketing Reports are a collection of charts, data sets, and recaps from the previous fiscal quarter. Using many of their and our long standing clients as an index, Merkle compiles these reports to provide the industry with a set of trustworthy benchmarks that can be leveraged to inform analysts and improve advertising programs.