Technology: What Is Its True Value Contribution to CRM?

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Without putting technology into perspective, you really can’t even begin to determine its value to your customer relationship marketing (CRM) efforts. read more

Identity Management: Build a Clearer Digital Picture of Your Customers

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What is digital identity management and what kind of impact can it have on the overall customer experience? Learn about the benefits of identity management through a system like Merkle's Connected Recognition (cR). read more

Putting the Customer at the Center of the Omni-channel Experience at eTail East

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Earlier this month, Merkle participated in eTail East 2014 in Philadelphia. If you don't know eTail, this event brings together 2000+ senior-level e-commerce and marketing professionals for networking, education, and an exploration of the latest omni-channel retail solutions. read more

Google Ranking Factors Now Include HTTPS

An update to Google’s algorithm was announced yesterday via the Google Webmaster Tools Blog, and it will affect websites with sensitive user information to further promote security on the web. This update, according to Google, has introduced HTTPS as a ranking factor. In essence, Google is saying that webmasters that utilize HTTPS on their sites can be ranked higher than sites that do not. read more

Efficient Database and Systems Integrations Decrease Time to Value

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Merkle’s Connected CRM (cCRM™) strategy provides our clients a business framework for competitive advantage by fully leveraging their first-party, or customer, data. Once a client has accepted and implemented a cCRM strategy, they typically expect to take advantage of the value it provides as soon as possible. The technology framework that supports the cCRM strategy is the Connected Customer Platform. read more

Facebook Buys Oculus: Completes Communication Trifecta

An Oculus marketing platform? It's easy to scoff at the notion, but Facebook's acquisition of the virtual reality technology company could open up the possibility to marketers. read more


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