Beyond Borders: Facing the Challenges of Multinational Data Sourcing

Marc Fanelli's picture
Whether looking to optimize international operations or enter a new market, Global CRM implementations present some common, unique challenges that brands should consider as they look to take the next natural step in driving growth. read more

Managing Change in the Technology-Driven Marketing Organization

Technology is transforming direct marketing organizations. These transformations are occurring quickly and a technology change management strategy is necessary to facilitate the implementation and governance of a proper response. read more

Transforming Consumer Behavior through Mobile Data Science

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Through its advantage of precise, geo-location data, mobile is uniquely positioned as a catalyst for connecting the physical world with digital and offline CRM data; it enables marketers to understand where the consumer has been and more importantly, where he is going next. Leveraging predictive analytics, companies are adapting mobile marketing strategies to proactively mold and nurture the behaviors that will ultimately breed more profitable... read more

7 Shopping Campaign Features Advertisers Should Utilize This Holiday Season for Optimal Performance

Every day counts when it comes to the holiday season, and this article explains how to best utilize these new Google shopping campaign features to get optimal results. read more

How to Step Up Your Remarketing Game

It’s almost 2015 and that means if you haven’t already started building your paid search roadmap, it’s time to start. While it’s important to refresh foundational pieces such as ad copy and keyword sets, a new year is an excellent opportunity for testing and optimizing. Remarketing is a tried and true strategy that helps brands reconnect with people who have previously visited your site. read more

4 Marketing Lessons Learned From Running a Beer Mile

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I recently organized a beer mile during a weeklong management offsite in Maryland. After years of talking about it, and some failed attempts at trying to organize spontaneous runs at conferences like SXSW, I finally had a captive audience of almost 200 people to tap into. So, what did organizing and running a beer mile teach me about marketing? read more


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