How to Define Customer Strategy with your Organization

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Virtually all of us would agree on the importance of customer centricity and a robust customer strategy. A well designed customer strategy improves lead generation, acquisition, cross-selling, and retention rates by delivering differentiated experiences consistently across all customer touchpoints. read more

A Better Approach to the Traditional Site Redesign Model

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Given the pace at which people-based targeting and audience management are evolving in paid media channels, it is surprising how little the site redesign process has changed during the same period of time. Brands seem to be stuck in a cycle where they redesign their websites every 4-5 years to “catch up” to their competitors and to update their technology platforms. This model typically uses very little insight from site data to support changes... read more

For Their Entertainment: China and the Connected Consumer

It is conventional knowledge that the US influences the majority of global trends in marketing, especially with regard to the use of data and analytics to drive people-based marketing through both offline and online channels. However, I would highly recommend that marketing leaders in the US keep an eye on what is going on across the globe, especially in China where there are lessons to be learned and innovations to be leveraged. read more

Highlights from Merkle's 2016 Performance Marketing Executive Summit: Days 2 & 3

Merkle’s 2016 Performance Marketing Executive Summit is in the books, and the second half was filled with even more keynotes, panel discussions, breakouts, networking, and local attractions, all capped off by a world-class party at the historic Columns at One Commerce Square. This year, we were excited to open the sessions for Livestream, which had a great following throughout the conference. If you missed out, you can still view a number of the... read more

What to Consider in Data Science for the Financial Services Industry

When working with data for marketing in Financial Services, there are a number of implications analysts and marketers  need to consider. The reason is that there is a higher regulatory scrutiny on the financial industry, especially due to the financial crisis. This is especially true for marketing campaigns where prospects are pre-screened using credit bureau data in order to receive a firm offer of credit. This affects marketers who work in... read more

How Do You Save a Failing Project?

We have all worked on projects that we had high hopes for, but didn’t quite turn out as we would have liked. We aim for the perfect outcome: on time, on budget, within scope, and one that results in a satisfied client. When we fall short of those expectations, we feel as though the project has failed. There is a multitude of data and supporting articles that explore the failure rate of software projects as well as the reasons they fail.... read more

3 Best Practices to Driving Viewership to Your Content (You)

The world of sharing content on social media can get fairly complex, burdensome on your time, and honestly overwhelming as everything continues to speed up. But with a few free tools and tricks from fellow friends, I’ve come to find out it’s actually a pretty easy world to navigate. read more

Catching Firebase

It’s all so dreamy, right? Build a native mobile app and the door to your customer’s heart and finger movements is perpetually ajar just waiting to be filled by your Pulitzer-worthy personalized messaging and content. However, most apps, particularly ecommerce-focused ones, live in a boom-bust cycle characterized by seasonal acquisition and abandonment. The app user behavioral data is chronically underutilized and even more rarely tied to other... read more


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