Financial Services Industry News: May 2016

This edition explores changes in American savings rates, technology in branches, mortgage lending made simpler for Millennials, as well as significant developments in wealth management and insurance, and economic and regulatory implications. read more

Can Tag Management Systems and A/B Testing Tools Play Nice?

A key feature of a TMS is that marketing tags can be loaded in parallel (asynchronously) with the web page. This reduces overall load times and the risk of a marketing tag slowing down or blocking a page from loading. However, your testing tool interacts with web pages in a fundamentally different way, which can cause problems for both your site experience and testing program. read more

Five Top Reasons Why CRM Initiatives Fail

From old processes to the wrong KPIs to cultural readiness, there are many causes for the failure of CRM initiatives. Here are five to look out for. read more

The Power of Saying "Thank You"

Saying thank you in a highly personal way can have incredible power for nonprofits looking to reach and keep first-time donors. How well are you saying thank you? read more

It's Already May, Are You Ready for Open Enrollment '17?

Eileen O'Grady
Your hometown hockey team may not have made the finals but baseball is in full swing. April showers have brought May flowers and tulips are filling the garden. So what time of year is it? It’s time to get ready for the next Open Enrollment season. Are you ready? read more

Pop Goes the World

There are multiple ways to acquire email IDs but the ‘pop-up window on the landing page’ has proven more effective for acquiring new email IDs. Going that route requires sensitivity given users' negative associations with pop-ups. read more

Data-Driven Marketing: Moving from Campaigns to Experiences

Paul Evers
Our presentation with Regions Bank at the 2016 Financial Brand Forum showed the path to people-based, data-driven marketing. Download it today to learn more. read more

The Critical Missing Data about "Generation Selfie"

Millennials have grown up in the digital age and have come to expect consistent, high-value, personalized digital experiences. This has led the entire industry to be fixated on reaching millennials in a meaningful way and sustaining those relationships — after all, they represent $200 billion in buying power. read more


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