A New Approach to Pharma Search Reduces Costs and Increases Brand Leads

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Can we get more personal with pharmaceutical search? Yes. The future of pharma search includes opportunities to increase both message and media targeting based on known and anonymous data. This will ensure we continue to deliver the right message at the right time via the right device/ channel. read more

Overcome Challenges in Media Marketing with CRM Investments

The media industry has seen some extraordinary changes over the past several years. Consumers are turning to digital media for entertainment and to consume information. The business models of existing media companies are changing and new companies are emerging to address the disintegration of media, leverage the increase in distribution platforms, and support the demands for programmatic media buying and sales. Media marketing in this... read more

Anonymity Is Dead: We All Have a Digital Footprint

While everyone would like to believe differently, no one can exist within today’s society without having some form of a digital footprint. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, you are connected. From a simple debit card purchase to visiting your doctor, the data is there. read more

Pharma Needs to Better Utilize Patient Adherence Programs

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It sometimes amazes me to hear the answers to these kinds of questions: Question 1: What is the treatment length for your disease state (months, years, decades)?  Question 2: How long does your patient adherence program run? Typical responses are: read more

Beyond Loyalty Programs: How Travel Marketers Must Evolve Their Customer Strategies

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Travel customers expect every touch point with a brand to be highly entertaining or personalized. And why shouldn’t they? In their mind, we have all of their information and should understand their preferences when they engage with our brands, both online and offline. Travel marketers realize this expectation and thus evolved to a business model—largely driven by loyalty programs—that is now becoming more customer-centric and mature in its... read more

Marketing Imperatives for Healthcare Payers

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As the exchange markets take hold across state-based and federal-facilitated healthcare insurance exchanges, the opportunity for direct-to-consumer marketing—on a personalized level—becomes a disruptive force for payers to grab market share as well as profitable members. Despite the media-driven hype and compounding issues of the federal exchange, it is estimated that more than 8 million individuals will have purchased a healthcare benefit on... read more

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