Finalizing the Deal

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Most people view contracts as a necessary evil to doing business, full of heretofores, forthwiths and other legal jargon designed for lawyers by lawyers. Contracts are seen as the result of a long and painful process iterating content and are full of redlines and strike-out text. read more

Defining the Survey Response Scale

Sooner or later you will ask a question that will require your marketing team to launch a survey. Let’s say the issue is product satisfaction and your team does a bang-up job answering your questions. Inevitably, this exercise generates more questions: how has satisfaction changed over time; what’s the overall satisfaction by gender, geography, industry; are these levels better or worse than other products; are they trending more or less... read more

Preference Centers – Where Do I Start?

A preference center is defined as a vehicle by which a customer or subscriber dictates the content, format, frequency, and other interests for marketing communications. But the truth is preference centers range in functionality from the unauthenticated state of a simple opt-in, opt-out page, to a fully authenticated application that allows the subscriber to manage not only opt data, but account registration and profile data as well. read more

Analytics, Strategy, and Orange Juice

In the early days of analytics, the techniques now so familiar to us tended to be used in operational applications — logistics, supply chain, operational optimization. Eventually, analytic approaches began to make their way to the marketing supply chain — targeting models, marketing mix optimizations, and the like. Compared to the 6-sigma-like environment of process optimization, moving analytics to marketing was a surprising and helpful feat of... read more

Customer Lookup (CLU) Tools

It is becoming more and more common for companies to want an easy-to-use tool to access their externally hosted marketing database customer records. With the increased emphasis on the transparency of customer data, clients want real-time access to their customer and prospect data for the following reasons: read more

Did Your Organic Site Traffic Dip in May? Here's Why

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Google has officially confirmed their latest algorithm update, the “Quality Update,” which rolled out at the beginning of May. Although Google hasn’t officially stated how their algorithm now processes quality signals, it’s clear that this update does not target a specific category of site (like how-to sites, blogs, etc.) and is not a spam-fighting update. read more

What Now?!? 3 More Personalization Terms!

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Lately, I have been attending seminars and webinars as well as catching up on forums, blogs, and an ever-growing pile of white papers.  Yes, I am still reading white papers, but back to my point. Over the course of these activities, I have noticed another pastime of marketing (besides new creative and marketing technology) is the utilization and/or creation of even more buzz terms. In some cases, it is nothing more than some agency, think-tank... read more

How Banks Should Prepare for the Future of Mobile Banking

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Forrester Research recently published a report entitled “2015 US Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark.” Its purpose was to evaluate the mobile banking services of five leading US banks (Bank of America, Chase, Citi, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo) in seven categories: read more


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