Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your CRM Technology Investment

Technology lays the foundation for success in CRM implementations but cannot deliver success on its own. CRM also requires both training and documentation to allow your teams to use and execute campaigns, the delivery of which should be the shared responsibility of your organization and your vendor / partners. read more

5 Vital Factors to Smooth Campaign Execution

Every day there is a plethora of information released regarding the latest marketing challenges, newest marketing technologies, the importance of content marketing and digital marketing optimization, and much more. Research, articles, reports, studies, and blogs all advise on the top things marketers need to plan for in 2015 to be successful. Rarely can the individual marketer actually read it all and still keep up on their day job (unless that... read more

It's Time to Reboot Loyalty Programs

While there are now more than 3.3 billion loyalty program memberships in the U.S., only half of enrolled consumers are active. Why is that? read more

Customer Centricity and the Power of Human

Mike Mojica's picture
We here at Merkle love technology. It is the backbone to CRM platforms, the conduit to first-party data and the fire hose to addressability at scale. But marketing technology is just one of many mechanisms that support the customer experience and the omnichannel promise that many retailers and consumer good companies work toward. read more

Localized Store Assortments Informed by Site Analytics

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Planning an assortment of products for a store is one of the hardest things to get right in retail. Merchants need to make decisions around which items to maintain or remove, what products to add, and what the overall mix of products should be in order to meet local customer preferences and demand. For most retailers, this is a combination of art and science. read more

Improving Retailer Visibility in Mobile Search

Smartphone. Tablet. Desktop. The real value in understanding these different interfaces is not about differentiating the device — it's about differentiating consumer intent, context, and the impact each device has on the consumer’s path to purchase. read more


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