Marketing Insights: Wealth Management

In this 2015 edition of Marketing Insights Wealth Management, we examine the change in one of the most attractive sectors within financial services. Investments and wealth management offerings are essential to attracting and retaining high-quality, profitable retail bank customers. read more

Not Your Old BI Tool

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As a marketer, I’m excited to see the number of new business intelligence (BI) capabilities around data visualization and visual discovery that are opening new marketing doors. Today, brands are able to analyze marketing data – first- and third-party, online and offline, known and anonymous – to drive new business insights that lead to greater value of their BI and analytics investments.  read more

Why Dinosaurs Are Still Relevant in HCP Multi-Channel Marketing

I jumped on the multi-channel marketing (MCM) bandwagon 15 years ago, working for a company that brought data-driven technologies to the healthcare industry. Using data to deliver incremental prescriptions of branded pharmaceutical products was a novel approach for marketing to healthcare providers (HCPs) – and a new revenue stream for the industry. read more

Industry Distribution and Challenges of Addressable TV

The five challenges of Addressable TV: read more

Non-Personal Promotion Is Ready to Take the Spotlight

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Like the substitution for the star forward, or the lead actor in a Broadway hit, non-personal promotion (NPP) is ready to take center stage in targeted physician communications. Physicians, like consumers, have an evoked set of brands to which they refer in most situations. Consumers will lean on an “evoked set” of three to four brands for dining out, buying detergents, or even selecting wine or beer for a meal. read more

Addressable TV Today and Tomorrow

Networks like NBC, CBS, or ABC sell their content to cable companies. Those cable companies then deliver that content to households via cable subscription fees. When networks sell their content, they typically include two minutes per hour of blank space within the content, or four 30-second ad spots. read more

Me and Merkle, a Love Story

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? I have. While unfortunately none of these romantic instances ended happily ever after, this phenomenon did work out in my career. I fell in love with Merkle when I knew nothing about it! I know it’s hard to believe. ... Here is my unlikely story and what I learned from my “relationship” with Merkle. read more

Vendor Managed Marketing

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Vendor managed inventory is now commonplace, but with the demands of the always-connected consumer, retailers have the opportunity to expand from just VMI to vendor managed marketing (VMM). read more


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