Connectivity – The Catalyst of the Addressable Customer Experience

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Identifying customers and understanding interactions when they are utilizing the web, calling the call center, using a tablet, coming to the branch, etc., and then using that information in conjunction with context to push the right content is key to connectivity, effectiveness of the customer experience, and ultimately, increasing awareness, loyalty, and sales. read more

The Outcomes of Identification, Personalization and Regulatory

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Pharmaceutical marketers are watching industries around them light up opportunities for product and service entrenchment and extension by leveraging and personalizing evolving social platforms and channels. Unlike other industries, the pharmaceutical industry is a tricky chessboard of FDA regulations, HIPPA compliance, and corporate risk aversion. read more

Healthcare Insurance Carriers Delivering Addressable Customer Experiences (ACE)

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The Environment As we wrap up the first phase of the second Open Enrollment Period, one thing stands clear: the purchasing of individual health insurance will continue to be a complicated consumer buying experience that involves multiple (potential) touchpoints and channels with payers and federal/state marketplaces.  read more

"You're All the Same Company, Right?"

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In a world where consumers increasingly demand continuity in customer service, it’s surprising to see retailers still manage their brands as separate customer repositories. We’re talking about those retailers that have multiple chains, brands, or online sites. Customers expect the retailers they engage with to know what they bought, when, what brands they like, and to recommend new products. Customers expect to be rewarded the same whether they... read more

The 3 C's of Customer Experience

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Building on a previous post about the importance of context in customer experience strategy, we take a look at the role it played within a credit card acquisition program at a top-five issuing bank. The approach included a variety of digital marketing and media tactics that drove account volume and profitability. read more

How to Plan Effective, Context-Relevant Customer Experiences

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While connectivity and content are vital in finding/reaching customers with information, ideas, and offers that resonate with customers or prospective customers, context is the first order of business.For effective customer experience planning, there are four currencies that drive context. read more


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