Imagine Yourself in the Seat

When I think about where I want to go with my career, like many young women, I find myself challenged to decide what path I want to choose. One of my favorite ways to help think about my career is to learn from those who have come before me; with this in mind, I attended the 2015 Merkle Women in Leadership speaker series. read more

Merkle Celebrates Data Privacy Day 2015

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Data privacy is an increasingly hot topic, especially for those in the data-driven marketing industry. I reached out to six privacy experts from some of the world’s leading privacy-focused organizations to get their viewpoints on a variety of data and privacy issues. Read their responses below on topics such as marketers’ responsibility to consumers, mobile’s impact on privacy, industry self regulation versus government regulation, international... read more

Pharmaceutical Company Embraces SEO Strategies

Through implementing a test on our pharmaceutical client’s site, we were able to show that our recommendation to improve a search engine’s ability to digest or read a page’s content truly did have an impact on their business’s goal of driving online consumer engagement. read more

Boost Responsive Performance with Image Optimization

Looking to improve the performance of a responsive site? Begin by funneling your efforts into image optimization. The average website devotes 70% of its data-size to images, which means attention spans and data plans everywhere will thank you for putting your imagery on a digital diet. Consider the following five tips to improve responsive site speed. read more

Getting Requirements Right the First Time

As business systems analysts, our primary function is to elicit and document solution requirements. We start with broad business objectives. Secondly, we narrow in on specific marketing objectives. Finally, we get to the heart of the CRM solution, working with various stakeholders, end users, and colleagues to fully understand and document the solution requirements — both business and functional. read more

Naver vs. Google AdWords

Among major search engines and paid search platforms across the globe, Naver, a South Korean search engine, provides quite a different experience when compared to others, especially Google AdWords. Learn about some of the different ad formats that you can use to advertise on Naver. read more


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