The Anatomy of an Ad Call

Ever wonder how an ad call actually works? Our video explores the delicate dance between SSPs and DSPs that ends with ads served to consumers read more

No, Not That Data, the Other Data

Data Integration revolves around the ability to handle all types of data. However, some of the most important data we deal with might not be what you'd expect. In a quest to build more efficient processes, one of our top priorities today is to create and consume rich and powerful metadata, which is basically “data about data.” While many people might know its definition, not everyone understands its value. There are five main types of metadata:... read more

Overcoming Consumer Concerns on the Road to Personalization

At the moment, several companies and their marketing partners are working furiously to integrate all of the available information about their current and potential consumers, such as past purchases, browsing habits, and third-party information, into a seamless representation of preferences, habits, and patterns.  The goal is to understand the consumer better, allowing companies to personalize each interaction between the company and the consumer. read more

Understanding the Consumer Purchase Decision

Marketing strategies require more than just demographic and purchase behavior data to build effective messaging. A deep understanding of what drives a consumer decision is required. Within any customer decision is a core motivational element that must be identified early in the creative process. Often the factors that motivate a customer come from specific hidden personal values. There are four factors to consider, and you need to understand all... read more

How Evaluating Performance Increases Patient Experiences

Evaluating performance has always been key to marketing programs, but the emergence of addressable media formats has made it possible to be more predictive of behavior and resources as you optimize your media mix with patients read more

Digital Travel Summit 2015 Takeaways

John Padwick's picture
At the 2015 Digital Travel Summit, Matt Naeger, EVP of Digital Strategy, and I presented on “Using Customer Information to Deliver a Better Experience and Increase Value.” The session covered how first party customer data is creating an opportunity for travel destinations to speak more directly and personally to their visitors. read more

Creating Positive Consumer Experiences

It's now possible for pharmaceuticals, payers, and healthcare providers to deliver tailored and personalized messages on a broad scale. Hear Croom Lawrence discuss how it is now possible to know when and where you can connect your audience to a more relevant experience for a greater health impact. read more

Email: A Force Multiplier for Response

Matthew A. Regan's picture
Merkle has a wide array of performance marketing strategies and tactics at its disposal to drive response. Often these techniques use cutting-edge digital technologies or modeling techniques, and sometimes both. read more


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