The ETL Tool: Hello, Old Friend

In the world of data integration, the need for an ETL tool is back in full force. It’s still solving the same problem as in the 1990s, but the equation has gotten a lot more complex. No longer are we only extracting data from mainframe systems, flat files, and other relational databases. read more

The Death of Google Authorship — Long Live Authorship!

John Mueller of Google Webmaster Tools announced in August that Google Authorship photos will stop being shown on results in Google Search, and Google will no longer track what sites are utilizing the rel=author markup. This announcement officially ends the speculation of how Google Authorship will be utilized in the future of natural search. read more

Google's Dynamic Search – Capturing Search Market Share At Affordable CPAs

Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) is a great complement to AdWords accounts with large, complex and/or frequently changing product offerings. When combined with a rich keyword structure, DSA can be another valuable tool in your marketing optimization toolbox. I like to think of DSA as an additional match type with the added capability of content targeting. read more

What Freestyle Chess Teaches Us About Marketing Investments ... or Why Trying to Mate with Technology May Not Work

Getting outstanding return on marketing investment isn't about the best technology or the best people, but about playing to the strengths of both. read more

What's Past is Prologue: Using Direct Marketing Analytics to Power Online Audience Segments

The explosion of digital technology has created an undeniable shift in marketing budgets, with more dollars being spent on digital marketing, often at the expense of traditional direct marketing channels such as mail, print, and email. However, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. read more

How Banks Can Utilize Online and Offline Data to Increase Acquisition

Dawn deClouet's picture
Those in financial services who can capitalize on advanced technologies and create intelligence from the data to actually implement Connected Customer Relationship Marketing (cCRM®) within their business will be empowered to provide consistent messaging and integrated channel experiences that will create great customer interactions. read more


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