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Each quarter, we detail the latest digital marketing trends

The Merkle Digital Marketing Reports are a collection of charts, data sets, and recaps from the previous fiscal quarter. Using many of their and our long standing clients as an index, Merkle compiles these reports to provide the industry with a set of trustworthy benchmarks that can be leveraged to inform analysts and improve advertising programs.

Thank you for your interest in Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for Q1 2016.

This free report takes a detailed look at Q1 performance across digital channels including paid search, SEO, product ads, CSEs, programmatic and social media. It also provides insight into major digital trends including share of traffic for search engines, digital platforms, and across devices.

Preview of Q1 2016 Data

Download the Q1 report to learn about:

  • Impressive Y/Y growth in SEM spending on Google, particularly on mobile devices
  • The continued rise of Google Product Listing Ad traffic
  • Mobile share of paid search clicks for Google, Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini
  • The impact of Google’s removal of right rail ads on desktop
  • Y/Y spend and CPC growth for Facebook advertising
  • Google AdWords performance metrics by vertical

Past Reports

Q4 2015

The fourth quarter of 2015 saw Growth in SEM spending on Google, Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini, changes in spending and CPCs for Facebook advertising and much more.


Q3 2015

The third quarter of 2015 saw Google engineering a turnaround in search spending growth through increased mobile monetization and much more.


Q2 2015

The second quarter of 2015 saw advertisers pay much higher CPCs for their Google brand keywords and showed the first results from Yahoo Gemini.


Q1 2015

The first quarter of 2015 saw Google’s click growth continue to slow as well as Firefox's default browser change and its effect on Yahoo's share of traffic.


Q4 2014

The fourth quarter of 2014 saw a strong start and finish to the holiday shopping season with retailers ultimately seeing 20% higher revenue from paid search.


Q3 2014

The third quarter of 2014 saw continued growth in paid search spending, as Google saw a 27% increase and Bing saw a 24% increase in ad spend over last year.


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