Feature Articles

Merkle thought leaders often work with respected industry publications to author feature articles about topics that are important to strategic marketers seeking cutting-edge information on best CRM practices.

Feb 2015

"Invincible Marketing"

Merkle was featured in Target Marketing's cover story this month with EmblemHealth. Merkle was hired by EmblemHealth to help create a prospect database; develop analytics, predictive models and segmentation; and enhance the insurer's focus on digital marketing. Merkle helped EmblemHealth generate success with the "Young Invincible" segment, and has a healthy digital strategy in place for 2015 enrollment. 

Jan 2015

What Happens if Apple Drops Google From Its Browser?

Mark Ballard, Merkle | RKG's director of research, was quoted on the implications of Apple possibly dropping Google as the default search engine on its Safari browser in a recent article in The New York Times.

Jan 2015

Google Puts Product Ads Above Organic Search Results

In an interview with Ecommercebytes.com, Merkle | RKG Head of Research Mark Ballard discussed the change in the positioning of product ads in Google search results and the implications that might have for marketers.

Jan 2015

A Sneak Peek at a New Age In Digital Analytics

With its push toward people-based targeting and measurement, Facebook has opened a seam in the publisher landscape that could ultimately lead to a new type of digital analytics, writes Merkle's Peter Vandre, Senior Vice President and Digital Analytics Practice Leader, in the "Data-Driven Thinking" column for AdExchanger

Jan 2015

MetLife Navigates The Path Through Publishers' Walled Gardens

AdExchanger sat down with John Lee, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Merkle, and Melissa Grady, VP E-Business, MetLife, for an interview about how they worked to meet the perceived challenge of publishers' "walled gardens" through a highly successful Facebook campaign.

Jan 2015

Getting to the How – Unlocking Identification, Personalization and the Regulatory Landscape

Bennie Smith, Chief Privacy Officer, Merkle, discussed how the Life Science and Health industries require a more personalized approach to patients, physicians, and caregivers due to new technological innovations in DTC Perspectives

Jan 2015

How to Begin Marketing in China

Email marketing in China offers a set of specific challenges not common in the rest of the world, writes Merkle's Jose Cebrian in Only Influencers.

Jan 2015

The Cross-Channel Conundrum

Applying insightful analytics begins with the ability to have a clear and unified view of the consumer. This is becoming more and more difficult with today’s cross-channel consumer, writes Andrew Hoeberichts, Senior Vice President of Merkle’s Travel, Media, and Entertainment Practice in Mobile Marketing Watch.

Jan 2015

Google Rules U.S. Search As Bing Dips, Yahoo Holds

In an article for Investors.com on Google's position as the search leader in the United States, a few key stats from Merkle | RKG's latest Digital Marketing Report were cited as evidence of the company's dominance in search.

Dec 2014

3 Ways Insurance Marketers Can Navigate the Technology Maze

There are three simple things that insurance marketers can do to improve their chances of steering their way through the technology maze, writes Merkle's Aaron Tellier in Insurance & Technology.