Feature Articles

Merkle thought leaders often work with respected industry publications to author feature articles about topics that are important to strategic marketers seeking cutting-edge information on best CRM practices.

Aug 2014

Counterpoint: The Third-Party Ad Server Has A Big Future

Megan Pagliuca provides her response to a recently published piece, “The Death of the Third-Party Ad Server.”

Aug 2014

The Digital Advantage In Attracting New Members

Avneet Batra and David Magrini discuss how to attract the right members through digital channels and CRM.

Aug 2014

Merkle: Addressability Is The Future of CRM

AdExchanger spoke with David Williams to get an update on the Merkle business, David’s view of the industry and Merkle’s strategy moving forward.

Aug 2014

It's Not Just Omnichannel, It's Omnibrand

David Williams discusses what it will take an organization to implement a truly optimal customer-centric strategy.

Aug 2014

Your Checklist For Back To School Readiness

In the article “Your Checklist For Back To School Readiness,” Akin Tosyali outlines a few steps retailers can use to optimize their marketing programs for this high traffic season.

Jul 2014

3 Components of a Digital Insurance Business Plan

In the article, Dan Bernard discusses the components to building a successful insurance business plan.

Jul 2014

Retailers Face Challenges, But With Effort Comes Rewards

In the “Retailers Face Challenges, But With Effort Comes Rewards" article, Mike Mojica discusses the challenges and best practices for retailers trying to enable an omni-channel experience.

Jul 2014

The Hidden Segment

In “The Hidden Segment,” Shiv Gupta identifies the components that marketers need to address to successfully target the “hidden segment” of DIY healthcare plan shoppers.