Feature Articles

Merkle thought leaders often work with respected industry publications to author feature articles about topics that are important to strategic marketers seeking cutting-edge information on best CRM practices.

Oct 2014

Optimizing a Digital Media Strategy in Insurance

Dan Bernard discusses why it is important to not only understand disparate digital platforms, but also to identify which audience segments are consuming content and when they are consuming it.

Oct 2014

After all those IPO flops, does ad tech deserve a second chance?

David Williams, Chairman and CEO, Merkle, discusses the current state of the ad tech market.

Sep 2014

Seize the Opportunity: Addressability at Scale

Build or Buy Expertise With Social Platforms to Make the Data Work for You

Sep 2014

Inside the Secret Clash of CIOs and CMOs

Publicly, CIOs and CMOs say they get along, but in the dark recesses of the enterprise, tensions abound.

Sep 2014

DMPs Could Become The Fall Guy For A Flawed Ad Tech Marketplace

John Lee examines the factors that are challenging the long-term adoption of the data management platform today.

Sep 2014

Using Addressability to Create Scale

Dan Bernard discusses how this provides companies with the ability to compete at scale with their mass-market competitors.

Sep 2014

9 Digital Marketing Strategies to Woo Baby Boomers

This article outlines the marketing strategies on how to best reach and sell to baby boomers, the golden demographic, online.

Sep 2014

Leveraging Email Testing to Drive Response Rates

Melanie Davidson and Catherine Jolly discuss the importance of testing email messaging to identify what resonates best with your customers.

Sep 2014

5 tips for launching a successful international PPC campaign

Chirag Dattani discusses five tips that will help marketers succeed with global search engine marketing as well as provides the most common mistakes advertisers make while entering into a new market.

Sep 2014

Beware of Publishers' Walled Gardens

John Lee discusses the capabilities that major publishers are creating for first-party data within their networks but how it is generating “walled gardens” that make cross-platform audience management complex.