Feature Articles

Merkle thought leaders often work with respected industry publications to author feature articles about topics that are important to strategic marketers seeking cutting-edge information on best CRM practices.

Apr 2014

What Google's March Updates Mean For Your Site

In the iMediaConnection article, Lauren Polinsky, Senior Account Manager, SEO, Merkle, provides insights on the layout changes to Google’s search engine results page and the impact that it could have on websites.  

Apr 2014

At Merkle, ‘Dream Grants’ allow staffers to pursue a passion

The Washington Post article highlights Merkle's unique Dream Grant program.

Apr 2014

Will Twitter Ignite The App Install Wars?

Mobile app install ads have proven to be lucrative for Facebook, and sources say Twitter is close to releasing its own version of such ads.


Apr 2014

Are rep networks a solid resource?

Kent Groves, Merkle, provides his insights on owning and building stronger relationships with HCPs.

Mar 2014

Winning Brands Must Master The Digital Audience Platforms

Craig Dempster, Merkle, discusses how brands can master the constant proliferation and evolution of digital audience platforms.

Mar 2014

Conversations, Not Messages, Build Relationships

Matt Naeger discusses how addressability in digital media is the key to consumer engagement.

Mar 2014

Enterprise Transformation in a Customer-Centric, Digital World

Five Keys to Embracing Customer Strategy as a Business Strategy



Mar 2014

Addressability and the Rise of the Platform Marketer

Craig Dempster discusses the new persona of the Platform Marketer and how success hinges on the seven essential competencies.

Mar 2014

There Is No Universal Digital Marketing Technology Stack

Matthew Mobley discusses how today's digital audience platforms enable us to identify and communicate directly with individual consumers who are "always on," at a scale never before fathomable.

Mar 2014

Secrets to Delivering ROI with Responsive Design

Patrick Collins discusses the secrets of responsive design in order to achieve the best experience possible.