CRM Technology

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Key client pain point: Enabling applications and platforms to support better customer relationship marketing

What we do:

  • Merkle practitioners evaluate the current state of your technology and capability to support your organization’s business needs through the use of our prescriptive CRM technology assessment that identifies gaps and prioritizes short-term and longer-term recommendations
  • We provide a broad range of marketing-centric, technology-enabled capabilities to deliver system design, development, deployment, and integration of upgraded and new IT systems and tools
  • Merkle’s CRM systems support services help you operationalize and run enabling capabilities across various hosted and on-site business models

Value you receive:

  • An IT CRM roadmap based upon an objective review of your current technology capabilities and tool sets, including prioritized recommendations of where and how modifications and upgrades should be addressed
  • Speed to value from our integrated strategy through implementation and hosting services, providing quick wins and enabling benefits within months
  • Affordable expert implementation and ongoing support for the introduction and integration of new and upgraded technology solutions to meet organizational business and financial goals

Merkle’s CRM Technology’s unique core offerings provide clients with disciplined and pragmatic solutions to business problems. Our services determine where you are, where you need to go, and how to get there, providing technology-enabled tool sets to make it a reality. Merkle CRM Technology Solutions can assess, implement, and support your CRM solutions for measurable improvement to the business impact of marketing. Our range of services includes:

CRM Technology Assessment

Merkle’s CRM Technology practitioners help organizations determine the technology capabilities necessary to meet their business needs. We provide comprehensive architectural solution design for a highly effective, centralized database foundation. Our services range from developing a CRM technology strategic roadmap and value case to technology utilization assessments to marketing tools and infrastructure audits. We are able to implement our recommendations.

CRM Systems Development

Merkle CRM Systems Development services offer full CRM systems lifecycle requirements, system design, development, deployment, and integration capabilities as well as marketing resource management (MRM) and analytic datamart solutions. The customer-centric systems we deploy leverage a customer data integration (CDI) technology that standardizes, cleanses, dedups, matches, and creates a reference base across all marketable entities, including customers, prospects, households, addresses, and accounts.

This capability helps businesses reduce marketing costs while improving the ability to segment and target their customers and prospects. We offer various CRM technology options, including custom and industry-specific marketing database models, best-of-breed and suite-based end-user applications, and support virtually all leading multi-channel marketing capabilities. All of our technologies can integrate with any third-party applications in addition to your internal operational systems. We deploy in a hosted or on-site model. In addition to developing your CRM system infrastructure and enabling capabilities, we can also build custom marketing applications such as preference centers, micro-sites, mobile applications, and real-time web services applications integrated with your internal ecosystems. In summary, Merkle CRM Systems Development is a one-stop-shop for all your CRM technology and enabling capability needs.

CRM Systems Support

Merkle CRM Systems Support services ensure your solution is up to date, accurate, and up and running while providing strategic and tactical recommendations on how to best leverage the capabilities over time. We offer a broad range of service offerings to meet your budget and business needs. For example, we can host your entire solution and provide you all of the access you require, thereby minimizing over-reliance on your internal IT department, while enabling marketing to be self-sufficient. We can also support the solution remotely if you desire it to be physically hosted at your site. In addition, we can perform all of the marketing execution services, including list execution, email marketing, marketing performance reporting, and data integration. Lastly, we have user adoption services, to ensure that your team is benefiting from the solutions we perform, while providing ongoing training sessions for end-users across all applications.

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