Database Marketing Services

At the core of Merkle’s services – embedded in our DNA – is a heritage of database marketing (DbM).  We define DbM as three core capabilities – a world class technology business, an agnostic data business, and innovative analytics business.  We define these three functions as the power plant (the database), the fuel (the data), and the lab (analytics).

Merkle believes that analytics should drive three core disciplines within the marketing enterprise – targeting, insights and measurement. We have the largest and most talented analytics organization in the industry, and it has grown faster than any other part of our business, due to our custom and open approach to results-oriented initiatives.

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Merkle’s Data Solutions Group (DSG) possesses a unique combination of capabilities that provide clients with a customer-centric focus for attracting customers and measuring performance. Our goal is to provide the right strategy with the best data in the marketplace to optimize your marketing objectives.

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Merkle’s Marketing Technology Team provides clients with best-in-class technology solutions that deliver tangible results. We provide a set of Managed Services, Hosted Services and Integration Services that satisfy specific core needs today, and can be adapted for the future.

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Merkle’s Connected Recognition (cR) solution leverages technology architected to handle big data to support sales and marketing. The solution supports the efficient integration of online and offline data with a robust process that ingests, links, and transforms known and anonymous data. This supports a full 360-degree view of the customer across media and channels.   

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