Creative Services

Holistic media. Compelling customer experiences. Profitable behavioral impact. That simple formula is the hallmark of Merkle’s approach to communications. Elevated beyond the domain of any one channel or media solution, we pride ourselves on creating the best customer experience at the best time. Whenever, wherever, however.

The Merkle Way: How we work At Merkle, when we say we are a full-service CRM agency, it means we partner with our clients through every step of the CRM spectrum – from strategic consulting and data-driven analytics, through creative strategy, concept ideation and communications development, all the way to delivery, deployment and measurement.

Solving with both sides of the brain. And as one team As we navigate the art & science that is the creative process, our nationally-recruited creative leaders and their teams assemble a complete picture of the contemporary customer experience over the course of each year, month, even week. Getting a full understanding of how customers have interacted with our clients’ brands – and their competitors – is key to any successful marketing effort.

  • What’s being done today? By whom?
  • How has segmentation or targeting played a role in developing the creative?
  • What have been the most successful communications to date? And the failures?
  • Who are the internal client stakeholders of the work we’ll do?
  • Who is responsible for these customers: Marketing? Brand? Channel? Someone else?
  • How often is creative tested and measured? What have we learned to date?
  • By what standard will the client evaluate our creative work?

As this happens, our Group Creative Directors and their teams work closely with our clients in identifying any gaps in the overall customer experience, and in partnership with our Merkle teammates, we develop a creative strategy based on a solid understanding of what drives customer behavior. A strategy that’s thoroughly measurable, campaignable and memorable in the face of competitive activity.

Merkle’s creative services team has a multi-dimensional customer perspective that heavily relies on intimate customer knowledge that isn’t inherent in most traditional or interactive ad agencies. We work closely with our clients’ strategic, creative, data, research and analytics groups to bridge that gap. Always testing, performing and improving.

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Merkle’s team of direct mail marketing and production experts includes a tightly integrated team of studio designers, production managers and world-class partners and suppliers. We have boundless capabilities, scale and innovative ways to optimize our clients’ current programs and build entirely new communication streams to support truly integrated marketing.

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The proof is in the pudding, or at least on the page showing some of our work. You’ll find here a small, current sampling of our innovative, response-driving creative for our valued clients across a variety of categories and spanning a wide expanse of media.

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Merkle’s Creative Team is more than just the sum of its individual portfolios and awards. It is a collaboration of daring minds with a shared vision of our clients’ success.

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