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Today’s consumers move seamlessly across digital channels – from Facebook to mobile to email to search, all in one unified experience. As marketers, we are often organized in silos and unable to align our strategies with how today’s connected consumers behave. The result:  internal marketing teams competing for the same customer. Email vs. social.  Search vs. display.

Merkle’s approach to Digital CRM starts with the customer – connect their digital footprint to align marketing strategies with consumer behavior. We help our clients integrate data to reveal new customer insights – and drive new customer acquisition and engagement initiatives.   

Lead with the customer. Break down marketing silos. Discover new marketing opportunities.

Facebook fans. Tweets. Social apps. Social has moved from fad to mainstream – opening opportunities for marketers to link social behaviors with customer engagement and value. With our Social CRM approach, we help clients identify key influencers, develop new targeting opportunities, expand marketing reach, and drive measureable social value.

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Search marketing has risen to the top of digital marketing and is now taking the largest share of online budgets, due to its direct-to-consumer nature and its ability to drive acquisition activities. Companies have an opportunity to not only acquire new customers, but also retain existing customers by making search a part of their CRM strategy.

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Display advertising technology has evolved to enable marketers to assess each consumer’s profile in real time, decide the maximum price they should pay to reach that consumer and personalize the message that's delivered. By connecting offline and online data to gain a holistic view of the consumer, display advertising becomes more relevant, targeted and impactful.

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Email has been a highly effective way of targeting and engaging customers for years – and remains the backbone of most digital marketing programs. However, despite email’s maturity, most marketers are not leveraging the channel to its fullest potential. Merkle’s approach to email helps marketers develop a more customer-centric approach to email messaging.

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Mobile is the only device that’s with us all day. In a short period of time, mobile has moved from voice and text platforms to rich, interactive media platforms. Merkle has a proven strategy, process and CRM approach to successfully help marketers integrate mobile into their marketing mix – from direct mail, email, print, web to social.

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Mobile applications engage your most loyal users on their smartphone and tablet devices. Work with our team of award-winning mobile strategists to develop a targeted engaging mobile application as a strategic and integrated component to your overall digital presence.

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Responsive Design delivers an optimal website experience across all devices from a single site. The revolution in web development is creating superior user experiences, higher conversion rates and simplifying website management across devices. Our responsive experts have the ability to transform your existing site into an optimized, personalized responsive website, or rebuild you one from the ground up.

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Merkle’s Digital Services Team is a collaboration of daring minds with a shared vision of our clients’ success.

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