Who We Are - A Performance Marketing Agency

Merkle is the largest privately-held performance marketing agency. For more than 25 years, Fortune 1,000 companies and leading nonprofit organizations have partnered with us to build and maximize the value of their customer portfolios. We work with brands like Dell, T-Mobile, Samsung, GEICO, Regions, Kimberly-Clark, AARP, Lilly, Sanofi, NBC Universal, DIRECTV, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, and many others to build and execute customer-centric business strategies. With more than 3,400 smart, dedicated people in eighteen offices around the world, we are still growing at a rate that outpaces the market, with 2015 net revenue of $436 million.

The mass digitization of media and channels has brought about the most important opportunity in our industry today: the ability to identify and communicate directly with individual, “always-on consumers” — at scale – 24/7 — across media, channel, and device. Addressability at scale is enabled by a growing and constantly fragmenting number of addressable audience platforms, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter — or even a company’s own website. These platforms allow marketers to apply targeting, personalization, and optimization to each customer interaction.

Due to the increased complexity of leveraging data, technology and analytics in this new digital era, brands will have to develop a new set of capabilities, tools, metrics, and processes, along with a new set of skills to use them. We call this new breed of marketer “The Platform Marketer.” This leader has a deep understanding of CRM principles, yet has the knowledge and innovative forethought to thrive in the ever-expanding digital audience platform environment. The brands that capitalize on addressability at scale will create more enduring, sustained competitive advantage.

At Merkle, we help brands do just that, by creating more meaningful, targeted customer experiences, which lead to more valuable customer relationships. The measurable outcomes we create for our clients are rooted in our proprietary Connected CRM (cCRM)® approach. Driven by data and analytics, enabled by technology, and rooted in business outcomes, cCRM is a prescriptive framework that combines a complete range of marketing, technological, analytical, organizational, and customer experience disciplines to provide integrated customer-centric marketing solutions that increase lifetime value and create competitive advantage.

Merkle has built the necessary skills and assets to help clients transform their marketing organizations by building Platform Marketer skills that enable true Connected CRM. We provide management consulting, technology development and integration, data and analytics expertise, and a full suite of digital media and channel execution services. Our objective is to complement and accelerate our clients’ ability to capitalize on addressability at scale through the complete execution of customer-centric business strategies.

In our 25-year history, Merkle has evolved from a small data processing company to a full-service integrated performance marketing powerhouse. 25% annual growth has transformed our privately held company into the nation's largest and fastest-growing independent performance marketing agency with more than 2,900 employees and 2014 revenues of $382 million.

Passion. It’s one of the core attributes at the center of the Merkle culture. And it begins at the top. Merkle’s management team is comprised of seasoned marketing industry leaders who are passionate about developing solid partnerships with our clients. And about supporting employees who are driven to great things happen.

Merkle’s Board of Directors consists of an esteemed group of forward-thinking corporate executives with a mix of strong backgrounds in the consulting, analytics, technology and digital media arenas. Our board reflects Merkle’s commitment to growing our market-leading position as a customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency.

Merkle’s number one goal is to be a great company. We are in constant pursuit of excellence; with a combination of organic, people-driven success and smart acquisitions. When we come across a company whose capabilities not only complement our business model, but exceed our own expertise, we want to bring that organization into The Merkle Group.

Merkle is a leading provider of fully integrated customer relationship marketing solutions that maximize results and demonstrate return on marketing investment. We provide a Connected CRM (cCRM)™ framework for organizations to apply quantitative communication strategies to their marketing programs across mass, direct, and digital media.

We’re privileged to work with many of the world's top commercial brands, financial institutions, retailers, insurance and healthcare services providers, travel & entertainment companies, and many of the leading nonprofit organizations, making us one of the top marketing companies around.

We’re proud of our accomplishments and of the success we have achieved. Even more important to us is the success we have helped create for our clients and employees. The industry recognition and marketing awards we receive illustrate our commitment and passion, not only for marketing innovation, but also for education, humanity and community.

In order to deliver the best for our clients, we maintain a number of strategic marketing partnerships that allow our marketing professionals to use best-in-class tools as they build customer relationships. View a selection of those partners.