It's only possible to build relationships with people you know. That's people-based marketing — identifying real people, leveraging the data behind them to create personalized experiences, and then relentlessly measuring that over time.

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We built and launched a new responsive site on time and on budget, generating an increase in digital leads and decreases in cost per lead.

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The Q4 2017 Digital Marketing Report

Merkle Releases its Q4 2017 Digital Marketing Report

One of the highlights of the Q4 2017 Digital Marketing Report (DMR) is the investment and subsequent growth of Instagram and Amazon. With strong targeting capabilities and the potential to roll out advertising to features, Instagram spend will likely continue to grow meaningfully for the foreseeable future.

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Today's Technology Fuels Tomorrow's Loyalty

Categories: Marketing Technology

As technology evolves, so do consumers’ expectations — and their demands. While this may seem like common sense, or at least an inevitability of the information age, what it means for brands and retailers is that forward-leaning technology needs to be a centerpiece of your loyalty strategy.

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Personas and Creative Versioning in the Age of Big Data

Most companies need significant improvements to their traditional persona-based approach, beginning with leveraging what matters in the digital world; measured behaviors, correlation and causation, and decision motivators.

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Get your Submissions Ready! Baidu Officially Supports AMP in its Webmaster Tools

Categories: SEO

For global brands who want to gain a more prominent presence on Baidu, the dominant Chinese search engine, this is really good news. If the site is already implemented with AMP framework, developers no longer need to make extra efforts to create an MIP variant. For sites that have not yet leveraged any of those technologies, the decisions are now a little easier to make since Google’s AMP is being forged into the standardized solution even in this territory it has no presence in.

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