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What if all your marketing
worked together?

Make your ... customer experience, media performance, marketing technology, CRM, and loyalty ... get along.

UGG Rewards: Getting to Know Your Customers through Engagement

UGG Rewards has experienced across-the-board increases in all KPIs for members, including average order value, frequency of engagement and sales frequency.

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In Pursuit of Pharma Marketing Excellence: Operational Success in 2019

Categories: Health

The final stages of maximizing your pharma marketing spend come down to operational excellence. But how do you measure the results?

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Leveraging HCP Migration to Optimize Multi-Channel Spend

Categories: Health

One of the biggest challenges that launch brands in unique therapeutic areas face is identifying the right target audience for both unbranded and branded messaging. The right audience can impact speed to market, awareness and trial, business impact, and ROI.

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Amazon Sponsored Products Gets New Targeting Options and a Portfolio Tool

Amazon has launched two new features to search advertisers: new Sponsored Product targeting options and portfolios. Learn more with this article from Merkle.

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