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What if all your marketing
worked together?

Make your ... customer experience, media performance, marketing technology, CRM, and loyalty ... get along.

UGG Rewards: Getting to Know Your Customers through Engagement

UGG Rewards has experienced across-the-board increases in all KPIs for members, including average order value, frequency of engagement and sales frequency.

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The Unified Customer Experience Strategy and Why It Matters to Marketers, Part 2

Executing a unified customer experience strategy requires having the right marketing technology tools to create a single customer view, analyze disparate streams of data, and most importantly, automate decisioning.

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Limiting Customer Match was a Move Google Probably Needed to Make

Google recently updated its restrictions for Customer Match targeting, reducing the numbers of advertisers that can use Customer Match in the process. Here we outline why Google likely made this update and how it stands to impact advertisers moving forward.

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The Unified Customer Experience Strategy and Why It Matters to Marketers, Part 1

For a consumer that faithfully engages with a brand over time, there are few things more frustrating than having inconsistent experiences. In this age of personalization, recommendation engines, retargeting, and “just for me” marketing, consumers have high expectations for their brand interactions.

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