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How's your ... customer experience, media performance, marketing technology, CRM, and loyalty ... getting along?

Exclusive Resorts Website Redesign

We built and launched a new responsive site on time and on budget, generating an increase in digital leads and decreases in cost per lead.

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Talking Personalization

Categories: Personalization

People interpret personalization in various ways. At Merkle, we think about personalization as an ongoing exchange, not just a one-time project.

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How to Manage Leads Intelligently

Categories: Customer Strategy

Ultimately, how you manage leads can be the difference between success and failure.

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Beyond Price Wars: Using Copay Programs to Drive Adoption

Categories: Health

The use of co-pay or coupon cards are typically considered for prescription drugs farther along in their lifecycle, when there are either new entrants in the category or when generics of less-expensive biosimilar products become available. A logical thought in the latter case is “all else being equal, a patient and prescriber will prefer the branded product.”

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