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Blog - Customer Strategy

Latest Posts

Retail Strategic Update: September 2020 Review

What's new in the Retail industry this month? Learn more from insights and trends to consumer sentiment and examples of innovation.

Recharge Donor Giving through Gamification

Gamification is one way to motivate donor engagement. We can help you create a solution that fits your organization and your donors and start recapturing lost revenue.

5 Moments that Matter this Holiday Season

A successful holiday campaign is one acknowledging that we must tackle this year differently. Marketers should approach holiday planning with flexibility to allow real time shifts between holiday moments, aligning to your ever-evolving customer needs.

Beyond the Statistics: Key Drivers Behind the Growth of In-Housing

Without a doubt, the in-housing trend has progressed to a level that will have permanent implications for the marketing ecosystem. In the first of this two-part blog series, we’ll take a closer look at the myriad factors driving more CMOs to take the in-housing route.

How Marketers can Enable Customer-Centric Experiences

It has become clear that consumers prefer brands that connect with them at an emotional level especially when communications move beyond simply selling consumers products. But how can you truly enable CX?
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