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Andy Fisher

Head of Merkury Advanced TV, Merkle
Andy Fisher

As the Head of Merkury Advanced TV, Andy's primary responsibility is driving person based marketing and big data adoption in all areas of Television including Linear, Addressable, Connected, Programmatic and X-channel planning and Measurement. Andy has held several positions at Merkle including Chief Analytics Officer and he ran the Merkle data business.

Prior to joining Merkle, Andy was the EVP, Global Data & Analytics Director at Starcom MediaVest Group where he led the SMG global analytics practice. Andy has also held leadership positions at Razorfish, Personify and IRI. Andy holds a BA in mathematics from UC Berkeley and an MA in statistics from Stanford.

Andy's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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Targeting and ROI

This is part two of a three-part series where I sit down with Bill Harvey, cofounder of TiVo Research (formerly TRA), to discuss the state of the evolving television industry. In this video, we discuss targeting and ROI.
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Addressable TV Today and Tomorrow

Networks like NBC, CBS, or ABC sell their content to cable companies. Those cable companies then deliver that content to households via cable subscription fees. When networks sell their content, they typically include two minutes per hour of blank space within the content, or four 30-second ad spots.
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Bold Predictions for the Future of Television

We’re going to make three bold predictions about the future of television. These aren’t going to be obvious — we’re going big. I interviewed Chris Wilson, President of National Television at Rentrak, to get his prognostications. Here's what Chris had to say.
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Addressable TV

As video on demand continues to grow, addressable TV and dynamic ad insertion is where we will see the two biggest growth areas in television. Learn more in the second part of our video interview series with Chris Wilson, President of National Television at Rentrak.
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Big Data: A New Journey for TV Networks

One thing is for sure: the TV network industry has seen drastic changes over the past several years. Viewers now watch content on multiple devices and platforms, ranging from network programming on cable TV to on-demand streaming on a tablet.