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Chris Pritcher

SVP, Creative Strategy, Merkle

Chris currently serves as SVP, Creative Strategy and leads creative strategy for Merkle Americas. He and his team of senior leaders partner with Merkle’s clients to leverage data, analytics, and technology to create hyper-relevant creative that can engage today’s overloaded consumer.  Chris works with brands from across all of Merkle's vertical markets to ensure they know "what to say" and "how to say it" to drive consumer action.  Prior to this role, Chris led audience analytics across three of Merkle’s vertical markets (health, retail and nonprofit).

Chris brought to Merkle 12+ years of experience in marketing strategy, analytics, and thought leadership, having previously served on the Executive Committee at the leader in higher education marketing. Chris had the opportunity to partner with some of the largest and most recognizable institutions in the country to leverage personalized marketing to achieve their enrollment and advancement goals. Prior to his time in higher education, Chris held various analytic positions in financial services. Chris holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Darden School of Business.

Chris's Articles, Blog Posts, Webinars and More

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How Nonprofits Can Thrive in the New Normal

The way your nonprofit adapts to the massive shifts caused by COVID-19 will have a profound impact on your long-term success. Nonprofit fundraisers and marketers must embrace two simple truths in the normal:
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What Motivates Your Donors to Give?

When considering giving motivations, most nonprofits turn to their well-tested case for giving or a list of organizational features. More sophisticated organizations turn to recent survey data that provides details about their donor base or a group of donor personas.
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Know Your Donors’ Future Value

Who are your highest value donors? A major gift officer would likely answer the question with a list of the top 10 donors from the past year or current top prospects. A direct marketer might quote the top RFM segments or pluck a group with the largest previous contribution.
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Know Your Donor Through Analytics

Simply put, analysis provides data-centered insight to your critical questions. In that mindset, the questions asked are more important than the tools and techniques used to answer them.
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Your Cost Per Dollar Raised Metric is Wrong

Most marketers measure the effectiveness of each fundraising channel with cost per dollar raised or income per name. Guess What? These metrics are wrong. They are not inaccurate due to lack of trying. In fact, many spend considerable effort ensuring these metrics are extremely precise.
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The Path to Donor Centricity: Selecting the best offer

We have arrived at the final step in our people-based analysis process. So far, we have predicted the future value of each donor, segmented them, and understood what motivates them to give. Lastly, we need to select which offer is best for them.
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The Path to Donor Centricity: What motivates donors to give?

Understanding motivation is the third step of our people-based analysis process. To date, we have identified the future value of your donors and segmented them by both their actions and a well-rounded view of the donor as a person. Now we ask the question: Why do donors give to my organization?