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Not-For-Profit (NFP)

Long-lasting and profitable relationships are personal

You know how competitive it is to get your constituents’ attention. They’re influenced by consumer experiences in an era of overload. Add in the pressure of fundraising, and it can seem like donor engagement is less and less attainable. We’re in a market climate where “likes” feel just as good as a monetary gift.

So, it’s crucial that NFPs adapt to the shifting mindset of donor loyalty. It’s your organisation that will need to focus on the needs and preferences of your constituents, not the other way around. With commercial media dominating the attention span and wallet of your donors, your NFP needs be there in those same channels and with the highest touch in personalised experiences. This is where long-lasting, profitable relationships are fostered and how they’ll endure.

Our NFP solutions bring commercial-level marketing outcomes to non-profit organisations. With a rich data and analytics heritage, we know people — across all sectors. Merkle has deep industry expertise in fundraising for leading NFPs and in marketing for the world’s most successful brands.




Clients We Have Supported

Merkle has really become an extension of our team and we look to you for both strategic expertise and technical implementation. We feel that the Merkle team has taken the time to understand our business and offer us the best possible solutions. We look forward to working with you long-term.