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Differentiate by serving customers across their entire experience

Long berated as laggards when it comes to customer experience, utilities companies are not known for providing amazing customer experiences. Utility services tend to be dominated by oligopolies with little effort invested in delivering customer satisfaction.

However, consumer expectations have increased and utilities firms ignore the demands for personalisation and convenience at their own peril. As a result many companies have embarked on transformation projects to build stronger customer relationships and improve service delivery.

Smart utility providers are introducing service innovations such as moving away from using billing systems to manage customer relationships. They are instead adopting CRM systems that allow a better service experience and faster response times in addition to lowering the cost to serve.

Smart usage of data is also key to an improved customer experience. Usage data can also be made available to customers, providing transparency and improving their trust in the provider. The same usage data also provides insight into potential churn risk by identifying common trends, allowing providers to address issues before losing a customer.

We have the expertise and capability to design and implement complex, data-driven solutions. Our data heritage is a key strength and allows us to derive insight that informs the customer strategy. Our team of expert technologists implement and support the technical solutions that empower the transformation of the customer experience and deliver competitive differentiation.