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17 RSS Marketing Ideas

17 ideas for using RSS for online marketing: * Search results. Allow users to sign up for a RSS feed of search results, like Ebay does. * Product availability. On out-of-stock products, let users subscribe to a feed to know when the item is available again. * Price changes. For each product page, let users subscribe to a feed letting them know when the item price changes. * New products. Let users subscribe to new product announcements. The Apple Mac store does this nicely. * Press releases. Let press and investors subscribe to company news, like SAP does. * Job openings. Use RSS to help your HR department fill vacancies. O'Reilly is doing it. * Weather cancellations. Let people know of schedule changes due to weather, like Albemarle County VA public schools. * On the road. Use RSS to keep your fans aware of when and where your brand will be on the road. Ozzy Ozborne does. * Product how-to's and tips. Publish tips and how-tos via RSS, just like PC World. * User comments. Allow users to subscribe to comments, like Digg does. * Rebates. Use RSS to provide rebate information, like FreeAfterRebates. * Consumables. For consumables, offer a RSS reminder service. Time to buy more pet vitamins. Time to replace the air filters. * User product photos. ThinkGeek lets users subscribe to photo feeds from other users. * Industry news. Use RSS to share news about your industry with your customers, like Webtrends does. * Partner Offers. Team up with other retailers offering complementary products. Offer users a feed of deals and coupons from the consortium. * Official company blog. Offer your official company messages via RSS, like Google does. * Employee blogs. Let your employees talk to your customers via blogs, like Sun does. What other interesting uses of RSS have you seen? What other cool uses can you imagine?
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