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18 Assorted Links

18 interesting links, no particular theme:
  • From Bringo: Outsource Your Phone Tree Navigation
  • From Andy Hagan: Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting and Social Media Marketing
  • From ConvinceMe: Yet Another Venue For Online Arguments (breathe deeply, turn off computer, go play outside)
  • From Go2Web20: An Ajax directory For Web2.0 Startups
  • From Meez: Your "But Where Can I Design My Own Animated 3D Webwide Avatar?" Problem, Solved
  • From Mark Erickson: How To Get Access to the Ultra-Triple-Top-Secret Google TV Beta (be patient, keep trying)
  • From PriceProtector: Track Your 30-Day-Price-Guarantees
  • From Alex Saunders: The 712 Area Code And Free International Long Distance
  • From Zoho: Free Online Alternatives To MS Office
  • From EmptyBottle, Compelling Web 2.0 Biz Models
  • From A Million Penguins: Social Networks Can't Write Literature
  • From the Onion: Highlights of MSFT Vista
  • From Cringley: Google's Plan For World Domination Through Network Fiber
  • From SEM Punch: Yahoo Bulk Upload Considered Harmful
  • From the Chicago Trib: Spelling "Go Bears" On The CNA Skyscraper
  • From the NY Google Cafeteria: Fresh From The Adirondacks, Sparkling NYC Tap Water
  • From Pixenate: AJAX-based Online Photo Editing
  • From Picnik: Flash-based Online Photo Editing
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