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20 things they didn't tell you about blogging

Rajesh Setty offers 20 "Things They Didn't Tell You About Blogging." Here's his list, emphasis mine. Visit his two posts (1-10, 11-20) for full elaboration.
  1. Blogging is easy to start but hard to maintain.
  2. People expect consistently good content or quality readers walk away.
  3. You can't be famous just by blogging.
  4. You can't get rich blogging.
  5. You can extend your brand via the blog but you can't build a brand by blogging.
  6. Blogging is an addiction and sometimes it can be serious.
  7. If you want to succeed, you HAVE to start making others succeed.
  8. You don't climb up by pulling down other people.
  9. It takes time to produce "Timeless Content." But "timeless content" produces results (traffic included) in the long run.
  10. Traffic is important but "Quality" traffic is more important.
  11. Never ask for links.
  12. Who you are plays an important role in how your blog is perceived.
  13. Using the right tools is VERY important to get the right feedback.
  14. Taking a STAND is necessary.
  15. You can slack but remember that you are only one click away from someone unsubscribing.
  16. Don't apply the rule of reciprocation to blogs.
  17. Don't impose your rules on other bloggers.
  18. Don't write if you don't have anything to write.
  19. Don't expect short-term benefits. There are none.
  20. Your attitude DOES show up on your blog.
Great post, Rajesh.
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