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2018 Merkle Digital Bowl Released

Today, we are excited to announce the release of the 2018 Merkle Digital Bowl Report for download. Our team of channel experts evaluated each brand that paid for a national television spot during the Super Bowl on its ability to execute on specific and objective visibility standards in the areas of social media, digital media, organic search, and paid search.

Different campaigns enter the Super Bowl with different goals. Some brands scored points for innovative approaches, while others earned high marks for discipline in covering the basics. Some brands clearly prioritzed one or two focus areas, while others were seemingly everywhere in the digital field.         

Ultimately, one brand rose to the top. The Super Bowl LII winner for excellence in digital marketing is:

Avocados from Mexico

Download the 2018 Digital Bowl Report to see how Avocados from Mexico bested the field, who found creative ways to extend their reach, and which brands took key plays off.

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