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3 Tips for Optimizing Facebook's Page Post Ads

Are you utilizing your page posts for advertising with Facebook’s Page Post Ads? If so, it is important to make sure that your posts are optimized so that the advertisements are being displayed in a user-friendly way. Here are 3 quick checks you can do to ensure that your Page Post Ads are as effective as possible. We’ve mocked up some less than ideal situations in order to help you better visualize our tips.

Tip #1: Make sure that your current profile image thumbnail is optimized.

As you can see from the image above, the logo is cut off in the thumbnail being used on the profile. It is important to be sure that the profile image you are using is of good quality and the thumbnail of that image is optimized for when your brand image is displayed as a thumbnail, such as in the news feed and advertisements.

 If you realize that your thumbnail is not optimized, you can update your thumbnail by doing the following:
  1. Log in to the profile and find the profile image on the timeline.
  2. Hover over the profile image until the “Edit Profile Picture” option appears: 
  3. Click on the “Edit Profile Picture” option to view the menu.
  4. Choose “Edit Thumbnail” from the menu:
  5. Once you choose “Edit Thumbnail”, a dialog box appears. Depending on which option you prefer, you can either click into the current thumbnail image and drag it to show the image you want to use, or you can simply check the “Scale to Fit” checkbox. Note that if you use the scale to fit option, it will make your thumbnail smaller and may be difficult to see.
If you do not care to update the thumbnail of your current image, you can always upload a new profile image with a larger logo by choosing the “Choose from Photos” or “Upload Photo” options from the list instead of “Edit Thumbnail”.

Tip #2: Be sure that the post is optimized for ad character length.

Currently, Facebook is enforcing a 90 character limit for all advertisements. When posts are used as ads, Facebook automatically creates them with the first 90 characters of the post. This means that the first 90 characters of the post you want to feature in a Page Post Ad should convey the whole message in complete sentences. Ideally, the entire post needs to be less than 90 characters. Make sure the first 90 characters of the post include all of the copy you want your audience to see.

Tip #3: Know which type of post you want to feature.

Facebook gives many different options for uploading posts to your wall including uploading photos, links, videos, all text updates, and more. Posts published as links When the post used for the Page Post Ad contains a link, Facebook will pull in the same rich snippet that appears in the post on the page. If a user clicks on this portion of the ad, they will be redirected to the landing page the link points to. Facebook automatically generates the information in the snippet based on markup language coded into the web page to which the link points. Posts published as photos If you were to add an image to a post, the Page Post Ad would display the image along with the first 90 characters of the post.

As seen above, the image is a good size and can be either horizontally or vertically oriented. If the user clicks on this portion of the advertisement, they are taken to the photo complete with photo description, where they will then have the opportunity to interact with any links that may be included in the photo description.

Posts published as static text Posts that are uploaded as text will appear as simply text in a Page Post Ad. A simple text ad may be a good choice if the content you are featuring is short, interactive, and would draw users in. When it comes to ads that are automatically generated by Facebook, it pays to do a few extra checks to ensure that those ads are representing your brand as well as they can. I hope these mocked up situations have helped you discover ways to improve your Page Post Ads. Do you have any other secret tips for optimizing ads that are automatically generated by Facebook?
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