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45 Web Marketing Ideas For Online Retailers (Video)

Thanks for all the warm feedback from folks who attended my NEMOA talk last week! Encouraged by the comments, I decided to record it yesterday. The recorded video isn't as good as it was live -- better flow and energy that morning in Cambridge with all the great NEMOA folks in the room -- but hopefully still useful. Here's the video:video link

This talk does not have any grand unifying theme. Rather, it is a random grab-bag of Marketing 2.0 ideas related to online retailing that I find cool. The intended audience was catalogers, so some of the topics or suggestions may be less novel to folks hanging out on the cutting edge of the blogosphere.

I recorded the talk and optimized the Camtasia recordings for Youtube. Boof -- some sections were just a smidgen longer than YouTube's 10 minute rule. So instead I put them on Yahoo's JumpCut. That's why the video looks like five sections spliced, and why the image quality isn't great -- it seems optimizing production for YouTube is less optimal for JumpCut.

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