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The 7-Minute Website Checkup

Just a quick post to note that the June edition of my Effective Website column is now online at the Multichannel Merchant site.

This month's column offers a "7-minute Website Checkup," a fun diagnostic we developed for the "Medical Center" Sessions at last month's ACCM. Of course, the 7-minute blitz can't approach the value of a comprehensive third-party review, but it can help you brush up on usability and conversion basics before you embark on your next Web project.

The Checkup starts on your homepage and shuttles you to Checkout, providing quick benchmarks and tips along the way. Topics covered oh-so-quickly include:

  • How to make sure every landing page can serve as a mini-homepage (and why this matters).
  • Signs that your Cart can tempt and reassure.
  • And, especially important given the time constraints-- Speed.

Here's a link to the whole article .

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