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7 Strategies for Driving TV Tune-in

TV networks are facing both a challenge and an opportunity brought about by a wealth of must-watch quality content and viewer's unprecedented freedom of which device and channel to view their favorite show. In this highly competitive and complicated environment, TV networks are beginning to change their marketing strategies, moving from the brand marketing approach, that they have known for so long, in favor of a direct response approach.

Here are the seven strategies needed to make that transition a success.

  1. A closed-loop marketing and measurement system at the individual level across devices.
  2. Individual level analysis of viewing behavior.
  3. Scale.
  4. Industry expertise with direct response.
  5. Optimization.
  6. STB projectability.
  7. The economics of the analytics.

To learn more about how these strategies are driving competitive advantage for TV networks, watch Merkle's on-demand webinar, "7 Strategies For Driving TV Tune-in.”

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