ACCM: Winning @ B2B Search, CDW

I had the honor of presenting with Anne Vargo of CDW this morning at the ACCM show. Here's the session blurb:
WEDNESDAY, MAY 23 7:30am-8:30am CDW, a Fortune 400 technology marketer, faced the challenge of targeting business buyers via pay-per-click advertising. Come hear how CDW deployed large (200K+ keywords), targeted and efficient PPC campaigns across the engines. We'll discuss PPC portfolio optimization, specific B-to-B considerations, brands and trademarks, order allocation, and important tracking subtleties. Speaker: Alan Rimm-Kaufman, PHD President, Rimm-Kaufman Group LLC Speaker: Anne Vargo E-Commerce Supervisor, CDW Corp.
Here are the slides: Winning At B2B Search: CDW Shares Best Practices For PPC Success A good crowd, even for 7:30a in the morning. Great Q&A from the audience, too. Many thanks, Anne!
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