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Account-Based Marketing: All Hype or the Next Big Thing?

If you follow B-to-B marketing buzz, you’ve probably noticed that account-based marketing (ABM), a one-to-one engagement approach, is getting some serious attention. In a recently released study on the state of ABM, SiriusDecisions found that 93 percent of marketers think that it’s extremely important to adopt, grow, execute, and invest in ABM across their organization.

While marketers recognize ABM as a valuable strategy, few have successfully implemented it. Coincidentally, many of these marketers who struggle with ABM also struggle with their data. Research by SiriusDecisions suggests that as many as 60 percent of marketers consider their data to be unreliable. But is this correlation sound? How much does healthy data really impact the ABM process?

The truth is that data fuels every step of the ABM process. At its core, ABM is personal, and it requires a deep understanding of target company characteristics, as well as the characteristics of those within those organizations to effectively segment accounts, improve customer experience, and deliver the right messages at the right time via the right channel. The way to get that deep understanding? Reliable Data.

Reliable data is the foundation for all ABM initiatives and is critical to adopting, operationalizing, and optimizing ABM. Here are five key priorities to focus on while evaluating your data:

  1. Strategy and Alignment
  2. Large ABM Planning and Execution
  3. Named ABM Planning and Execution
  4. Industry ABM Planning and Execution
  5. ABM Function Design and Development

To learn to execute ABM in truth rather than in theory, join Merkle and SiriusDecision for a live webinar on how to strengthen your ABM strategy with data. Register here.

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