Affiliate Programs: Profit Centers or Margin Eating Cannibals?

Larry Joseloff, VP of Content for, asked us for help soliciting panelists for a debate. The debate would be held at either the Marketing Workshop or their Summit on affiliate programs. The idea is to have three retailers with differing views of affiliates engage in the debate with Larry as the moderator. He wants to find:
  1. A retailer who thinks affiliate programs are great and play an important part in their business
  2. A retailer who thinks affiliate programs have their role, but a very limited one that must be heavily controlled.
  3. A retailer who ended their affiliate program completely and think that the channel drives virtually no incremental sales, steals credit for sales driven by other programs, and eats margin by offering coupons to those planning to buy without.
He thinks he won't have trouble filling the first slot, as happy fans inspire no enmity, but is having a hard time tracking down folks willing to take the 2nd or 3rd positions publicly. Any brave souls out there? may be able to sponsor your trip in exchange for your service. Drop me a line, or contact Larry directly. My email address starts with george and ends predictably :-) Thanks, George
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