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AMA’s Hot Topic Series on Search Marketing

I'll be speaking at the American Marketing Association's "Hot Topic" Series on paid search later this spring. Here's the blurb:
You Gotta Pay to Play – Winning at Pay-Per-Click Search

San Francisco – April 20, 2007
New York – May 25, 2007
Chicago - June 22, 2007

This one day intensive event is designed to help marketers discover search marketing strategies and techniques that they can begin applying to their websites/marketing campaigns immediately. Sessions will highlight tried-and-true best practices, new experimental approaches, ground-breaking research, and the latest thinking on search and how it can deliver dividends for marketers. Some topics to be discussed include: keyword research tools, copy optimization tactics, internal linking, template optimization, The Long Tail, e-commerce and monetization, bidding strategies, landing page optimization, social media marketing and much more.
Looks to be an interesting day, with an interesting roster of speakers. So if you'll be in SF in April, NY in May, or Chicago in June, check it out. (While on the travelling theme, ever wonder what it'd be like to be TSA agent? From Persuasive Games, check out their Airport Security Screener Game. "No cell phones!" "No shoes!" "No pudding!" Tough keeping straight the ever-changing rules on what you can and can't bring through security, but fun to play.)
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