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Amazing Breaking News!!!

A great news day across the web, truly amazing stuff!!! And as everything on the web is true... wow! * Google enters the national ISP market, solving the "last mile" problem in a unique way. Talk about fat pipes! * EBay is selling electoral votes. * Zazzle's 24k earings -- when a single cup of morning coffee just isn't enough. * Woot offers first million dollar item, and sells out. * New news network ONN launches. Tagline: "You'll never read again." * Wikitravel tells visitors where they can go in today's featured destination. Pack light -- it is warm down there. (img) * Scoble enjoys hearty bowl of chowder. Oh yeah, he also outs a new Apple - Amazon - Google - Cingular collaboration, the iReader. * Anagram-loving hackers attack Technorati's logo. * John Chow renounces evil and retires. * TechCrunch acquires F*ckedCompany.com. * Archie McPhee introduces a new baby safety device for frequent fliers. * Palm releases WiFi patch for all Treos. * George Washington invented instant coffee, wikipedia announces. Really! * Gmail release Gmail Paper (beta), offering an exciting physical alternative to email. And did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary? Happy April 1, all!

Update (4/2/07): long list of April Fool's links over at http://aprilfools.urgo.org/2007.html

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