Barron's: Y! possibly more valuable as G affiliate? Ouch.

Eric Savitz over at Baron's wrote a short provocative article yesterday. To whit: Y! could increase shareholder value by reverting to a Google affiliate. Quoting analysis of ATR's Rob Sanderson, the article suggests this approach, versus staying in the game with Panama, could yield "higher EBITDA, margin and growth along with lower execution risk for YHOO, moving the stock to mid-$40s, providing incremental profits of $1-$2 a share for GOOG." Ouch. Is the search race over? Every engine throws in the towel and cedes the game to Google? No, not yet, not by far. We're still in early innings. Yahoo can stay in the game with a homerun with their new ad platform. However, they have almost no margin for mistakes. Yahoo still controls the largest user base on the web -- and that's a formidable asset.
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