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The Benefits of People-based Marketing for Health Insurance Marketers

People-based marketing is so important to payers today in the advent of the amount of consumerism in the early 2000s and the amount of data that payers sit on be it acquisition data, claim data, member data. People-based marketing is the ability to use data to drive decisions on a personal 1:1 Level. At the end of the day it means more profitable membership for their organization.

I think there are a lot of insurers who are practicing people based marketing and doing it well. Many that come to mind are Humana, EmblemHealth, Medical Mutual and Anthem, they happen to be our clients, but when you think of the practice of people-based marketing being able to have the infrastructure to data data driven marketing to next levels, those are the ones that come to mind because they are looking at their population in a very personalized way and delivering very relevant messaging on a relevant bases and that really is at the core what people-based marketing is.

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