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The Best Mobile Campaigns of 2013, Part 2

Second place: Audi A8

Audi had a stand-out campaign around its A8 luxury sedan. The auto manufacturer asked consumers to use its tablet device to “catch” a picture of the elegant new Audi A8. Users were drawn in by the simple, immersive game-like feel in the ad. Consumers had three tries to capture a photo of the A8 as it raced by the screen. By consumers using the screen capture functionality already on their iPad, participation was simple — although the experience was reminiscent of trying to capture an elusive photo of lightening. On the third photo capture attempt, users were prompted to check their photo galleries to see if they had captured a picture of the car. When consumers visited their photos, they saw their attempts resulted in photos of half a car and phrases such as, “You need more practice. Try again.” The third photo was, of course, a perfect picture of the beautiful Audi A8 that became a permanent fixture in their photo galleries.

The best mobile campaigns of 2013

The A8 ad warrants attention because it not only had social media potential, it stayed with the consumer, literally. Any ad that is retained and reviewed for days or months should be considered a winner. If you didn’t know, a study in 2011 found that Audi had the most engaged fans on Facebook — yes even more than the 2011 hot stars Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. With that kind of notoriety on Facebook, one would expect to see social media in every aspect of Audi’s marketing.


Come back Monday for the top mobile campaign of 2013!

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