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The Best Mobile Campaigns of 2013, Part 3

First place: adidas’ “Highest Goal”

While the Audi A8 ad was a fantastic execution that capitalized on the mobile platform, the mother of all 2013 mobile campaigns goes to adidas. By uniting the excitement of the beloved Japanese National Soccer team’s World Cup qualifier game, with mobile devices, giant screens, and gamification, the campaign generated buzz that echoed around the globe.

The “Highest Goal” was a live event held by adidas during Japan’s World Cup qualifying match. Fans were able to use their smartphones to make a virtual “throw-in” to Japanese striker Shinji Kagawa on a 200-meter high projection screen in downtown Tokyo. Users accessed a mobile site, logged in through Facebook and were able to perform ball assists by throwing in using the motion of their smartphone. If the user made a quality throw-in, his or her Facebook profile was placed on the projection screen next to a shot of Kagawa shooting a goal. It was a technical feat with 11,700 projection patterns that varied according to distance, strength, and direction of the throw-in. Thousands participated, including fans in front of the Tokyo projection and in front of TVs across the globe. The event was broadcast online, showing leaderboard stats of participating fans. A clear sign of success: Visitors to the adidas site remained on the site for an average of 30 minutes.

The best mobile campaigns of 2013


This all-out adidas mobile campaign took advantage of the unique value of mobile. No other device could have generated participation on such a large scale or created such an interactive experience. We all know that mobile alone doesn’t deliver a ground-breaking campaign. The campaign created by adidas and its agency, TBWA\HAKUHODO, Japan, was successful because it had these four core ingredients:

  • Connected with something that already had an extremely passionate fan base
  • Turned the campaign into a competition
  • Generated an emotional response from the participant
  • Made the social aspect worth sharing

Omni-channel is a term we have all heard many times. This adidas campaign embodied the term with a seamless cross-channel experience. By utilizing every available channel, the sports apparel and equipment maker increased participation across mobile, desktops, televisions and 200-foot projection screens. Results were delivered across all the devices in real time, social media was buzzing, and reach was amplified. adidas is among the first in a series of omni-channel campaigns yet to come. In 2014 we can expect to see campaigns continue to get more sophisticated, with omni-channel and mobile being at the core of more executions.

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