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The Best Mobile Campaigns of 2014, Part 1

iMedia Connection's annual publication of Patrick Collins' "Best Mobile Campaigns" was uploaded! See who our SVP picked as this year's success stories. 

The best mobile campaigns of 2014

This was the first year the marketing and advertising industries have truly explored a variety of mobile technologies and strategies to engage with consumers. If we jump in our DeLorean and venture back to 2012, we would see a few brands experimenting with augmented reality, but mostly doing the same thing, just in different ways. Technologies such as iBeacon and other powerful location solutions, in-depth and real-time analytics platforms, and advanced coding techniques have given rise to a do-anything mobile world.

This year's mobile standouts reached outside the standard playbooks to utilize well-chosen partnerships, iBeacon, and other technologies at a truly functional level.

Nissan Rogue

Ads don't have a history of being particularly interactive. Maybe they lead to an interactive experience, but Nissan didn't wait for a click-through to engage the consumer. A viewer of the ad was able to interact with an ad video in-stream via tappable video hot-spots. By tapping on a hot-spot, the consumer was able to reveal features of the 2014 Nissan Rogue.

Nivea Sun Kids

For Nivea Sun Kids in Brazil, protection was a primary message. Nivea found a way to take that message beyond sunscreen. They helped families keep tabs on how far their children ventured from them while on the beach. A consumer was prompted to download the Nivea app via a print ad, tear the bracelet out of the print ad, pair it with the app and place the bracelet on the child's wrist and then identify the distance the child could go before the app alert was sent. With radar, it was possible to see if the parents were getting nearer or further from their children. The results were pretty astounding. Nivea Sun Kids had the top sales in its segment, with a 62 percent increase in Rio de Janeiro. Eight of every 10 people impacted by the ad downloaded the app.

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel

Pillsbury found a way to expand its reach and associate itself with a fun brand millennials and moms both love. In an effort to promote its new more-fruit-filling Toaster Strudel recipe, Pillsbury found a partner in Fruit Ninja, one of the most downloaded apps of all time. The massive campaign consisted of sponsored in-app challenges, player rewards of Toaster Strudel, and a live "spectacle" at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles. At the event, Guinness record-holding swordsman Isao Machii sliced fruit tossed his way by attendees, who were able to sample Toaster Strudel, play Fruit Ninja Kinect, and pose for photos. Prior to the event, Fruit Ninja players were offered a teaser video featuring Machii, and to promote attendance, those in the L.A. area saw a teaser with event details. This thoroughly exciting campaign with an enthusiastic partner and multi-faceted approach is a great example of 2014's transitioning treatment of mobile.
Check back next week for Part 2 of The Best Mobile Campaigns of 2014!

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