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The Best Mobile Campaigns of 2014, Part 2

iMedia Connection's annual publication of Patrick Collins' "Best Mobile Campaigns" was uploaded! See who our SVP picked as this year's success stories.


Travelers and mobile experiences are the peanut butter and jelly of marketing, but, surprisingly enough, this is not an industry that we have typically seen "go for it" in mobile. Recently, Marriott created a Guest Services app to service select locations and enable the concierge experience on a mobile device. The Guest Services app offers services within the property, such as food and beverages, spa treatments, or rounds of golf. Also available through the app are Starbucks offers through Local Perks and iBeacon technology. Guests are able to order towels, room service, and a host of any other items when heading back to their room for the evening. Does this sound appealing, and are you a millennial? Then this app was created for you! This type of convenient technology experience speaks directly to the market Marriott is focusing on.


A campaign that truly shows how far mobile has come in its unique ability to deliver innovative marketing techniques is L'Oreal's Hair Color Products. Using ad targeting technology called GumGum, L'Oreal placed Freia and Preference Ombre advertising based on the photos across its network of 1,000 news and entertainment sites. The ads actually appeared at the bottom of the photo within editorial content, and in some cases within a "canvas" ad unit that temporarily takes over the image shown. While this functioned as well on desktop as it did on mobile, it was an example of intelligently utilizing one of many niche technologies out there to deliver a smart and targeted customer experience on mobile.

Drop, by Jawbone

A new mobile app by Jawbone was announced at the Twitter Developer Conference, Flight, on Oct 22. An unexpected collaboration between Jawbone, Spotify, Rdio, and Twitter yielded the Drop app, which enables users to create playlists based on favorite songs from Spotify or Rdio. Friends can then add new songs to the playlist by sending the app owner a tweet with the name of the song they want added. The success of this has yet to be seen, but by partnering up, Jawbone, Spotify, and Rdio have all increased their market presence. And Twitter has given people even more reasons to send a tweet and potentially increase their user base.

As mobile begins to enter maturity, marketers have a rapidly multiplying sea of technologies, methodologies, and examples to aid in creating showcase mobile campaigns. The above brands are the standouts of 2014, but we can be sure even more innovative and exciting mobile experiences are already in development. In 2015, I think we can expect to see a greater focus on in-store and personalized experiences. I, for one, look forward to shopping, traveling, and banking via the seamless brand experiences that are sure to come in the next year.

If you want to see the full article on iMedia Connection, click here.

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