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Big Data in Pharma Creates Big Insights

One powerful insight into health innovation is the notion of forgetting. Quantum leaps like electronic medical records (EMR) are as mundane as the electricity surging through our homes, but they are not yet ubiquitous. When EMR reaches the point of backing up everyone’s health data across all sources, the mundane becomes a trusted relationship. Then we can forget about it because when the algorithm identifies insights that are predictive, we can take action. That insight can’t be ignored.

We have reached an era of personalization and the ability to understand customers based on their preferences. Having insights into customer preferences, whether sourced from big data or behavioral understanding, are often confused with strategies. Understanding the difference will elevate companies among their competitors.

In a recent MMM article, I explain three tips to improve customer insights and maximize their impact on ROI. Click here to read the article and learn more about Data and the insights available.

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