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Bing: The Art of Buying Share

We hope Bing grows its base and becomes a major contender in the PPC Landscape. Competition is good; domination is bad. From the get go, we've been doubtful that an advertising blitz, even on the scale MSN is contemplating, will make users switch engines. Looking at the initial launch, and the hoopla surrounding it, it would be easy to suggest that there has been some movement. Looking at the week before and the four weeks subsequent to its launch, one could conclude that Bing did gain a share of impressions initially, and that led to a greater share of click more recently -- signs of hope! However, when one steps away from the microscope and looks at the longer term trends, the last four weeks "trends" appear to be more like random statistical noise. The media blitz has just begun, I know, but until these numbers change meaningfully, I hope everyone will pardon us for turning our attention back to the other 95% of the game.
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