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Bing: The Decision Engine

I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but after watching the latest Bing TV commercial riffing on "Salsa", I just don't get it. Bing Decision Engine on YouTube We're told to contrast the "Search Overload" -- code name: Google -- with Bing's Decision Engine. At the end of the commercial you see them typing "Salsa" into Bing's search box -- should I say "decision box"? -- but, perhaps revealingly, they don't hit enter. I think I know why. This is what a "Decision Engine" looks like: Contrast this with "Search Overload": See the difference? Anybody? Anybody? .... Buehler? I really like the folks at Bing. Incredibly sharp people, really interested in raising the bar. They have a very good product and it continues to improve. I really don't get their marketing folks. They hope users will try Bing on the false premise that it provides something fundamentally different than Google. It doesn't. To my thinking a "decision engine" would provide an easy "app" for drilling down to what I really want. In this case that might mean a choice between the dance, the music, the food, or something else. Figuring out the right follow up options dynamically would be tricky, but with all the brain power available to them, I bet they can do it. But that isn't what's happening. What's happening is they're trying to get you to the final destination on the next click...just like Google. Why not attack this more candidly in commercials: "Our results are better than Google's." Perhaps that might generate a longer trial period from loyal Google users who might be interested in a thorough comparison. The "bait and switch" that they're currently running is just annoying, imho.
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