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Can Blogging Increase Sales Five-Fold In Two Years?

Can blogging really increase sales? Hugh Macleod reports on the success of South African winemaker Stormhoek:
It's been a busy year for Stormhoek.

December 29th, 2005 [one year ago exactly]: "Blogging Doubled Stormhoek Sales In Less Than Twelve Months."

When I first started working with Stormhoek in May, 2005, they were tracking about 50,000 cases sold per year. By year's end that figure had doubled to 100,000. Right now we've doubled again, to just over 200,000 cases a year. By Second Quarter 2007 we're on schedule to be tracking around 250,000 cases shipped per year.

So that's looking like a five-fold increase in sales in less than two years. And it wouldn't have happened without the blogosphere, which is at the very epicenter of everything we do. Thanks, Everybody!
Maybe this blogging stuff works, you think?
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