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On Changing All Your URLs

Heard at AMA Hot Topics this morning in Seattle:
Restructuring your site URLs is the single biggest killer of SEO I've seen. -- Christopher Alan, SEO Manager, Expedia
Great presentation from Chris from Expedia on SEO -- I will see if he'd allow us to post his excellent slides here. His comments on restructuring/changing URLs on a site relaunch really resonated. As we announced back in January, we're relaunching our corporate site, and we're in the process of handling the changes in URL. As we continue our (glacially slow!) series on using WordPress as a CMS, we'll discuss changing urls en masse in SEO-friendly fashion in the next week or so. That will coincide with the relaunch of our small corporate site, only 8 months delayed -- the cobbler's kids has no shoes!
Snapshots from my Seattle trip: Stephan Spencer At AMA Seattle In Sailor SuitPikes Place MarketPikes Place MarketMt Ranier, meadowMt Ranier
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