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Client Summit Success!

A big public "Thank You!" to all our clients who made our Client Summit a smashing success! Last Thursday and Friday 30 people from 18 of our client companies joined us for networking and deep conversation about online marketing. The main event on Friday included my take on Search Marketing in 2008 and some great tips from Larry Becker on website effectiveness strategies. We then branched out to discuss:

  • Setting efficiency targets for marketing programs and how the incremental view plays into that,
  • How clients addressed Multichannel Credit Allocation and where they see that going,
  • Catalog circulation strategies and prospecting in 2008,
  • Social Media. From video and blogging to Facebook, Twitter, etc. What was worth doing, what seemed to be a waste of time at this point.
  • Email frequency, open-rate benchmarks and strategy,
  • SEO strategies and the merits of outsourcing some or all of those efforts,
  • Affiliates and strategies for controlling the bad actors without dismantling the program entirely,
  • The power of purls -- personal urls -- as a marketing tool,
  • and much much more.

The Summit showed that many folks were wrestling with the same complex issues, and that most retailers were struggling to meet "plan" this year, particularly since July. The event also confirmed for all attendees what we had always known: RKG has really smart clients. Many great insights shared both in the public forum and in more private networking contexts throughout the event. As we plan for future events, clients: please let us know what you'd like to see in terms of content, format and locations so we can make what was a great event even better! And, if you're not currently a client, but would like to be... :-) Thanks again to all who participated!

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