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Last week, Rick Klau of FeedBurner gave a fantastic talk about RSS and the social web at Darden's Online Marketing Update (shameless plug: course will be offered again in the spring). We're still working on permission to share the video of Rick's talk online. rick klau "People thought FeedBurner was a much larger company than we really were, or thought that I had assistants posting in my name," said Klau. "We were able to respond to just about everything said about us across the blogosphere, and keep on top of all those conversations." Reading and responding to blog comments is a critical aspect of brand management. One of the great tools Rick mentioned in passing was CoComment, a browser add-in that tracks responses to the comments you leave on other people's blogs. CoComment aggregates your comment threads, and, best of all, makes that aggregation available as an RSS feed. This lets you monitor comment threads from within your favorite RSS reader. Installation is super easy -- I had an account created and the FireFox add-on installed before Rick had finished Q&A. Worth checking out: CoComment
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