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How to Project Scope Your Adobe Commerce Implementation

Adobe Commerce gives merchants a powerful platform to deliver compelling commerce experiences. But even with a robust platform, achieving this transformation smoothly and successfully requires an investment of time, budget, resources, and complete buy-in from the organization.
Topic: Adobe | Commerce

Intent-Based Customer Journeys – The Next Phase for Customer-Centric Brands

Although customer behaviour can be erratic, complex, and difficult to know, companies need to dig beyond in-the-moment behaviours and look for intent. Intent-based journeys are based on proactive, anticipatory science. It’s all about “know me, engage me.” Learn more about the intent-based approach in this blog.

Retail Technology Trends – Retail Innovation Enabling the Store of the Future

When we think of retail innovation and new retail technology trends, a lot of recent talk has been about how brands should focus on digital channels over physical retail investments. How can brands replicate physical experiences online? What are the latest digital channels or social media trends? How are brands delivering personalized experiences?

Composable Commerce: How do Businesses Enable an Agile Delivery Mindset?

As technology continues to proliferate, your business’s digital strategy and technology stack will become increasingly central to your ability to deliver products and services. Every business must have the agility to react to market shifts and changing customer behaviors fast, with digital solutions.
Topic: B2B | Commerce

Online Opulence: 8 Luxury Digital Trends for 2021

In the past, luxury brands have dictated the terms of engagement. With the rise of social media, ownership of the brand is shifting. Co-creation is more apparent. Brand image and buy-in have moved towards the domain of the consumer. It is no longer dictated by a management team in the Swiss Alps or a Milanese mansion. Let’s explore some of those luxury digital trends brands are deploying.
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