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Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Identity Resolution, Part 3: Making Strides

Parts one and two of this identity resolution blog series focused on the foundational “crawl” phase and expanded functionality of the “walk’ phase, it’s time to pick up the pace. The “run” phase of the identity resolution strategy is focused on accelerating and optimizing capabilities to fully support people-based marketing.

Consider the following accelerators when taking the identity resolution strategy to the next level:

Deploy a real-time digital and device identity resolution capability

Digital and device identification in real time drives powerful decision management and personalization capabilities across first-party digital platforms. For example, the identification of a repeat website customer provides the ability to influence the content, experience, and marketing messaging served during the web session. These capabilities are typically achieved with a specialized identity resolution partner, tag management platform, and/or a customer data platform (CDP). In this model, a tagging solution is deployed which focuses on capturing, associating, and identifying first-party website activity.

Partner with second- and third-party device graph providers

Extending the device graph forms new associations and groupings that otherwise cannot be attained through first-party data alone. Several device graph partners exist in the marketplace. Partnering with one or more of these companies provides the incremental device graph enhancement to drive advanced analytic and activation strategies. The more devices we can connect and associate, the less overall fragmentation exists within the device graph portion of the solution.

Activate person-based, unified identity across channels and media

With a robust and mature identity resolution strategy in place, marketers can expand their capabilities into more precise person-based activation strategies. This enables marketers to reach known consumers on a variety of media and publisher platforms, providing consistent and engaging content across all screens. Activation strategy should consider activation partner capability, data security, media and publisher network, match rates and match precisions, analysis and measurement, and general cost structures.

The plan presented in this blog series represents a common approach to identity resolution maturity. By no means is this the only way to approach and achieve identity resolution excellence. The optimal approach is to use this as a framework to customize a strategy that aligns to your organization’s goals, needs, and budget.

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