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Creating Financial Success for Millennial Consumers to Build Ongoing Trust

Last week, I had the opportunity to present with Katherine Mears, Vice President Content Marketing, Regions Bank at the Marketing to Millennials for Financial Services Summit. This event featured a complete lineup of speakers from leading financial brands such as USAA, Fidelity Investments, Prudential Financial, and TIAA-CREF. Award-winning authors and marketing experts were also in attendance delivering how-to’s, strategies, and key insights on:

  • Identifying profitable market opportunities specific to your business model and offerings
  • Creating specialized products to meet your needs and grow your business
  • Harnessing novel marketing tactics to engage and acquire Millennials
  • Delighting and wowing Gen Y with digital-centric customer experiences
  • New branding strategies to build loyalty for life
  • Using emerging channels and optimizing mobile user experience
  • Integrating innovative technologies and provide cutting-edge services

Katherine and I recently presented, Creating Financial Success for Millennial Consumers to Build Ongoing Trust, and have been working together to better understand, target, attract, and retain this game-changing generation that accounts for nearly 24% of the U.S. population. Our presentation shares some of our lessons-learned, which we hope will provide you with a clear path to improve your company’s Millennial marketing program.

An example of how Regions is using social marketing to reach Millennials

Social media is just one of the ways that Regions has been able to engage with Millennials.

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Whether it’s purchasing their first home, paying off student loans or debt, or budgeting disposable funds to enjoy with friends, Millennials are faced with many important “first time” financial decisions. Thanks to technological advancements, Millennials have unique researching and buying behaviors that make them stand out. Target and capture the attention of this group to win their trust and business. Take-away insights from our presentation will include:

  • Financial imperatives for Millennials
  • Online, offline and content strategies to engage Millennials
  • Examples of how Regions is earning the trust of Millennials and winning their business

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