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Credit Attribution Survey

I serve on the Shop.org study group trying to assess and define "Best Practices" in multichannel attribution. Many of our clients wrestle with the question: how should credit be attributed between marketing programs when more than one is involved in driving a sale. It's a tremendously important topic and as such RKG is close to unveiling a tool/service for helping advertisers study the actual behavior of buyers, and allocate credit as they see fit. More on that later. Shop.org is conducting a survey to determine the current state of the online retail community on this issue. How many folks are doing attribution management and how sophisticated are their approaches. Importantly, the study group members will only see aggregated data, nothing that identifies the retailer or individual filling out the survey. Survey results will NOT be used to pepper folks with marketing material. That isn't the intent of the study. I'm serving as the self-appointed honesty cop, making sure that this study group doesn't turn into a marketing message for attribution management solutions. Solution providers clearly have an interest in inflating the importance and complexity of the problem, and those who know me know that I don't have any patience for that. Shop.org is the retail industry's interest group, so you retailers out there, please take 5 minutes to take the survey. It's painless, I promise! Many thanks, George
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