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Customer Centricity is Contagious, According to AHIP

As we wrap our attendance at the America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute’s 2013 meeting, Merkle’s Healthcare Team wanted to share an important theme that ran throughout the 3-day conference. Call it patient centered care, member centricity or the age of consumerism, the idea that the healthcare industry is on the cusp of a new era that is centered around the consumer was reinforced throughout keynote and breakout sessions. George Halvorson, Chairman & CEO of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., said it best when he said simply “we must make patient/member centricity a priority; NOW is the time.”
While the healthcare industry is embracing today’s drive to customer-centered care, Merkle has embedded this notion into our connected CRM (cCRM) framework that we are deploying in various insurance companies, financial institutions and retailers. A connected CRM framework is grounded in the creation of connected programs that drive a desired customer behavior through a series of individual touches in media and channel. Marketers must ideate and then create what the customer experience will be in terms of value proposition, offer, message and creative in both media and channel. Developing the necessary assets and executing the campaigns that support the programs will ultimately deliver an experience which serves the individual at the right time, in the best voice, and in a manner that uses everything we know about the customer to drive the best response. 
While the Affordable Care Act continues to be implemented over the next few years, the successful healthcare payers of the future will revamp their marketing strategies and tactics to put the customer at the center of every interaction point. Connected programs are developed by understanding how they will influence or support the customer’s lifecycle and about designing, building and running customer experiences.
Guest contributor, David Koterba, is Sr. Director of Sales for Merkle’s Insurance and Wealth Management Practice, focusing on the Healthcare market. He can be reached at [email protected]
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