Customer Centricity: How Has the Role of Marketing Changed within the Enterprise?

How has the role of marketing changed within the enterprise? Digital has been responsible for a lot of these changes. In particular around changing consumer behavior, and how they research interact and buy. It has set the bar high in terms of expectations and they are demanding a relevant personalized experience that is always on. In terms of companies delivering on those expectations, we need to consider the boundaries of what is and isn’t marketing within a company. Every function and channel needs to have a mindset of a marketer in terms of matching experiences, services and solutions to the needs and interest of your customers. One of my favorite quotes around marketing is from Peter Drucker “The aim of marketing is to know and to understand the customer so well that the products or service really fits him and sells itself.” And I really feel that we are at a point in time that the data, demand and the technology is converging so that this is really becoming a reality and we can deliver a more anticipatory experience through marketing.

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